Taco Bell From Your Phone

We all understand the prevalence of social media in today’s everyday routine, so why has Taco Bell blacked out all of its social media accounts? Yesterday, October 28th, 2014, Taco Bell shut down all of their social media accounts, deleting all company posts and disabling others from posting on their pages. Taco Bell is pulling this stunt to promote their new app that allows hungry smartphone users to order Taco Bell through an app.

The app will allow iPhone and Android users to create customizable orders on the app, and then pay for their order using a credit, debit or gift card. The app utilizes location services to check-in consumers, who have placed orders through the app, and allows them to skip the typical lines when they arrive at Taco Bell.

For however long this stunt continues, when someone visits Taco Bell’s Facebook page the only post visible on the page is a photo with just the words “The new way to Taco Bell isn’t on Facebook its #onlyintheapp.” This holds true for every social media account along with Taco Bell’s website. Shutting down their social media accounts is a bold move due to the fact that they can no longer communicate with their customers, but actually halting their own website is risky because now people can no longer get info on Taco Bell such as, menus, FAQs and general brand facts. While this limits Taco Bell’s interaction with its customers, it forces these consumers to download the new app if they want anything to do with Taco Bell. The comment thread for their photo on their Facebook page is still open and many consumers seem to be upset by this stunt. Many of the Facebook commenters believe that this app is either unnecessary or will not improve efficiency at Taco Bell at all because it is merely just a fast food restaurant.

Consumers realize that this is primarily a publicity stunt to raise awareness for their new app and that Taco Bell’s Internet presence will soon return. Hopefully Taco Bell will take into account some of the questions social media users are bring forth like how will the app work with the dynamic of the drive-thru? Taco Bell has always been proud of their bold food, but do you think that this bold stunt will be as successful as their food?

Johnson, Lauren. (2014 October 28). Why Did Taco Bell Just Wipe Out its Social Media Accounts? Retrieved from: http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/will-taco-bells-social-media-shut-down-get-millennials-attention-mobile-161053

One thought on “Taco Bell From Your Phone

  1. I don’t think this was necessarily a good tactic to promote their new application only because they have become inactive on so many more platforms and becoming unavailable. Since Taco Bell is considered fast food, I agree that app to order their food is not necessary either.


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