Order Taco Bell on Your Smartphone


 Just launched yesterday – people now have the ability to order Taco Bell using a new app on their smartphones. This is the first big fast food chain that offers ordering at this scale with two pickup options – via drive-thru or by walking into Taco Bell. The app allows customers to choose their own ingredients and ultimately constructing their own food creation. There will even be access to exclusive “secret menu” options only for app users. The reordering process of a past creation is as easy as rotating your phone.

“You’ll be able to order products that no one else can,” said Tressie Lieberman, senior director of digital marketing and platforms at Taco Bell.

This seems too easy. There will be more Taco Bell consuming, I’m sure, and it is definitely a good way to increase sales in the competitive, fast food market.

Taco Bell temporarily blacked out its website and social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as a rather unique and unprecedented strategy to strike attention.

Screen shot 2014-10-28 at 10.17.34 PM

The fast food chain’s popular account was actually hiding at @totallynothere during the blackout. Its follower count was 1.41 million and nearly 40,000 tweets were intact.

So much respect to Taco Bell! If I was a follower on their social media platforms and saw the pages completely wiped, my initial reaction would be, “Where did Taco Bell go? Are they discontinuing Taco Bell?” Attention they wanted; attention they received.

I think this app will be nothing but success. The younger generation is constantly on their phones, always finding distractions and other things to interest their mind; in this case, their stomach. This new approach of ordering food sets the bar for many other fast food chains to create an app in the future.

I am a little terrified thinking about the amount of consumption of fast food with this new app. Ten, twenty, thirty years from now, what new technologies will there be to order food?

How do you guys feel about this? Taco Bell lovers – I am sure you are on Cloud 9.


Welch, C. (2014, October 28). You can order Taco Bell from a smartphone starting today. The Verge. Retrieved October 28, 2014, from http://www.theverge.com/2014/10/28/7083313/taco-bell-launches-mobile-ordering

2 thoughts on “Order Taco Bell on Your Smartphone

  1. Whoever is in charge of Taco Bell’s marketing and advertising is brilliant. First Snap Chat, and now this. What person doesn’t like using their iPhone for things? Especially when you are able to custom order your Taco Bell. As a taco lover, I can’t wait to try this out. Taco Bell is always one step ahead of the fast food chains. They really try and advertise to the younger generation by using new digital techniques.


  2. I just wrote about this 🙂
    Taco Bell is not the first fast-food company to utilize mobile devices to order food online, but I think that the way the marketed this is absolutely genius. I feel like Taco Bell lovers really do anything for their darling Taco Bell.


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