New Data Findings Prove Instagram Is Here To Stay

adweek_instagramstats_652x367Instagram has gained popularity through its easy sharing and viewing qualities. Everyone knows a picture’s worth a thousand words, and nothing is limited to 140 characters.

Simply Measured, a leader in social media analytics, shared with Adweek their findings about the Interbrand top 100 Best Global Brands and their influence on this particular platform after comparing the third quarter with its 2012 and 2013 measurements.

This is what they found: 

1. “Big players have gotten on board”: 32 more brands have joined Instagram since 2012 Q3, resulting in 86% of top 100 global brands now on the platform.

2. “And they are active”: 73% of these 86 brands post at least once a week, and 20 brands post daily.

3. “Audiences are blowing up”: 62 brands have over 10,000 followers, and 34 brands reached over 100,000 followers. The top 15 brands have over 1 million.

4. “The Swoosh Leads”: Nike has the most followers with 7.3 million.

5. “Engagement has generally jumped”: The average engagement rate per post increased by 415% in the last two years. This rate combines both likes and comments.

6. “Good posts have a long tail”: With an average of 216 comments per post, 50% of them are posted within the first six hours, but still 10% of comments come in through out the next 13 days.

7. “But great posts often kick in a little late”r: It takes a while for viral posts to go viral. High-performing images and videos peak after a lull, with over 50% of comments appearing after 13 hours.

8. “Brief copy is popular”: Basically, Instagram is not just Twitter with pictures.

9. “Using @mentions helps big time”: While only 36% of brand posts include a mention, these posts receive an average of 56% more engagement.

10. “#brandposts don’t go overboard“: 88% of brand posts have at least one hashtag. But remember, less is always more.

11. “Though, hashtags provide a boost“: Posts with at least one hashtag receive an average of 12.6% more engagement.

12. “Location, location, location”: Posts that include its geographic location receive 79% more engagement than those that don’t.

13. “Huge media brands are few, but killing it“: While only four media firms from the list utilize Instagram, these firms have 62% more posts per month as compared to other divisions in the study.

14. “Carmakers are not shy on Instagram”: The automotive industry has the most presence on Instagram out of the list, with 13 top brands using the platform.

Do you have a particular brand whose Instagram you love? And will you be adopting these tactics to further your own personal branding?


Heine, C. (2014, October 28). 14 Instagram Data Findings That Every Marketer Needs to Know. Retrieved October 29, 2014, from

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