Instagram Barter

Influencers on Instagram are offered seriously sweet deals from their follower counts. I even have an App called “Popular Pays” which lets you eat free at certain restaurants or go to spas if you instagram a picture while at their location. It is a weird world we are living in but if you can monetize off of your follower count…I say GO FOR IT! I think it is also important for my classmates and peers to know that not everything is what it appears.

Mercedes Benz, Maserati, and Dom Perignon are some of the luxury brands that swap deals with instagram influencers. Instagrammers according to the manager of Mercedes USA are far more approachable than celebrities. (Who can turn down a Benz though?!)

Champagne label Dom Perignon gave an advertising exec Jason Peterson a ticket to Iceland and $15,000 cold cash in exchange for four pictures on his Instagram page. YEAH. Who wants to be reincarnated as that dude?! Suddenly majoring in advertising seems to have its perks…

Coach (the Fashion brand) is also handing out free goodies to Instagrammers to promote for them.

My advice: Utilize the information you get in the advertising and marketing classes here at Loyola and apply it to whatever it is you want to do…especially take advantage of social media to find your voice and potentially be an influencer with online success as well!

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Mann, Robert. (2014, October 21). Inside Instagram’s Secret Barter Economy. Retrieved October 29, 2014, from

One thought on “Instagram Barter

  1. This is a HUGE eyeopener. Very smart on the companies’ part. If they can identify an Instagram-er that fits their brand, the Instagram-ers followers will most likely be interested in the company’s product. I have come across many people who are paid to promote products with their Instagram accounts and it seems to be a win win for both side.


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