adorable-animals-baby-basket-bunny-Favim.com-345802Imagine yourself as a cute little white bunny happily nibbling on your carrots and suddenly you felt somebody pinched your back and pulled you upwards and away from your home into a cold and bleak room brightly lit with white lights. The next thing you know, they force fed you and shaved your soft fur away and left you with ugly uneven patches. And then they did all sort of intrusive experiment on your body. This is a torment.

A young lady, Jacqueline Traide volunteered herself and bravely took on a live protest in London. She was ushered in with a leash at Lush’s Regent Street shop window and this was a live protest where animal test for the cosmetic industry was being acted on a human subject. She underwent 10 hours of endurance for the experiment where she literally went through what the lab animals would go through. It was in the busy city of London and the whole process was carried out in front of a huge audience. People were flabbergasted, stunned and shocked.

Jacqueline wore a skin-color tight suit and was being treated as a specimen in the lab. She was labeled, her mouth was stretched open with a metal hook attached to her mouth from end to end, her skin and eyes were tested with irritants and she bled as she tried to resist the needles. When the whole experiment was completed, the subject was “killed” and disposed of at the garbage.

This was a campaign launched by Lush, a cosmetics company to fight animal testing. Action is louder than words. So, Lush decided to put out this live “performance” to engage the audience with the Fear strategy. The performance successfully captured attention and stopped passerby to spend a few minutes to witness the experiment on human test subject. Also, Lush had people to sign petitions against animal testing so that the law will be reinforced in the whole Europe albeit it was already illegal to test on animal in the UK.

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Other than fear, the audience who witnessed the process felt all sorts of complex emotions just by putting themselves in the shoes- empathy, sympathy, shock, sadness, pity and more. This campaign was successful because it played with the human emotions and they could very well imagine themselves in that position when they saw another human being lying on the lab bench. Many knew that animal testing was wrong and still going on but not many will take the initiative to take any action because people tend to be passive and dismiss the idea easily if they can’t relate to the situation. However, fear approach might backfire if the fear level is too high. In this case, I think it will backfire if too much blood was shown in the process.


Harris, P. (2012, April 25). Is this the most extreme window display ever? Brutal treatment of woman, 24, as she is subjected to ‘animal tests’ in front of horrified shoppers. Retrieved October 29, 2014.

Omond, T. (2012, April 27). Lush’s human performance art was about animal cruelty not titillation. Retrieved October 29, 2014.

5 thoughts on “IF IT WAS YOU…

  1. What a statement! The fact that a women would endure what animals go through shows the passion that people feel towards this subject. I have never heard anything like it and I’m sure that this made a powerful impact. I only hope that America can come as far as Europe when it comes to issues such as animal testing and food laws


  2. I really thought this article was interesting because the actual act itself didn’t try and hide the facts which is often something we assume when watching commercials or seeing advertisements. Animal testing is an issue that many people are extremely passionate about and I think that the more this reaches America, the greater impact that it will have.


  3. This is scary. I get their point but it’s totally a publicity stunt. It does make you think about how bad they are with animal testing, however.


  4. A good effort to get people talking about how bad animal testing really is. A little extreme but it’s different when people see it happening to a human. They may respond differently to seeing a human suffer rather than an animal.


  5. So so disturbing. I had a hard time watching it, but the message they are trying to send is clear. It may be extreme, but it seems to be working and exposing the horror of animal testing.


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