Crest’s (Loud) Halloween Ad

At the end of every year, I always look forward to the different seasonal advertisements that come out. Aside from Christmas and Thanksgiving, Halloween is always something that is fun and festive that people always look forward to. Everyone looks forward to the large array of Halloween candy to indulge in. This year, Crest came out with an advertisement about oral health and Halloween candy that will remind you how much kids love Halloween (and Halloween candy).

Crest’s advertisement named Crest’s advertisement as the “Ad of the Week.” The ad takes place as a focus group with children testing the effects of Halloween candy on children. After the kids eat large amounts of candy, the room is quickly filled with loud, obnoxious yet charming kids. The video ends with a short message that reads: “Halloween candy may have an effect on our kids, but not on their teeth. Thanks to Crest, their teeth are covered” which ties Crest back to the advertisement in a fun and witty way. Roo Ciambriello from AdWeek describes the advertisement and says in the AdWeek article, “It’s all somehow simultaneously awful and fun.”

Although I love seasonal, holiday-oriented advertisements, I found this one to be slightly overwhelming and annoying due to the screaming of the kids. What are some of your favorite holidays ads?

4 thoughts on “Crest’s (Loud) Halloween Ad

  1. I agree that this commercial is very loud, but I like it. I am jealous of the children in the video eating candy by the mouthful (how do I score a job like that?). I wasn’t surprised to see where the ad was going. I stuck with it because I was fascinated by the mounds of candy.


  2. I think this advertisement is very funny and cute. It really gets the point Crest is trying to make across. I know when I was little my mom always told me I would get cavities if I ate too much Halloween candy, so this commercial would appeal to many parents. I also like that they did not do a “spooky” commercial like a lot of companies do during October. They can be overdone and boring.


  3. This is an amazing ad. I laughed so hard. Crest had a creative and fun way of getting their consumers attentions, and then wrapped it up nicely at the end saying how Crest can save your child’s teeth.


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