Costco Says, “We Don’t Want Your Business”

….Well at least on Thanksgiving. They will be closed; they are a company that is known for their great employee relations as well as their great benefits and salary. “Our employees work especially hard during the holiday season, and we simply believe they deserve the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their families. Nothing more complicated than that,” 

I don’t understand why being closed on Thanksgiving is such a shock nowadays, it’s disappointing to hear that this is a big deal when in all actuality, people should be at home with their family. My aunt has worked in retail for over twenty-five years, at the same store, and every year it seems that she is leaving Thanksgiving dinner earlier and earlier, and we’re moving dinner up. Why? Because she works Black Friday and has to be at work by 2:30 AM. She doesn’t get to enjoy the holiday at all and it is such a shame, seeing this article made me so happy because here is a company that acknowledges it’s employees and all they do during the hectic holiday season.

Yet this hasn’t turned any customers away, because they too understand the importance of actually celebrating and enjoying the holiday instead of working or just counting down the hours until they have to work or go to a place to make sure they get the best sale. “The move has endeared customers to Costco, with many on Twitter commending the move.” Though Costco doesn’t have a Twitter, they have made an impact with this news, and a positive one at that.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.00.36 AM

For a company that doesn’t rely on social media to get them business, they are pulling in big numbers, Social Media Profile  (as of 10/28/14) Facebook Likes: 1.2 Million and Instagram Followers: 4,217. It’s clear that just because they value their customers and employees by staying closed on Thanksgiving, business won’t be hurting, not that they’re worried about it.

Costco is doing what every company should be doing and that’s allowing its employees to enjoy the holiday and have the day off, this is a shock to most people because Thanksgiving isn’t about the holiday anymore, it’s about finding the best deals to go out either that night (for some stores) or on Black Friday. We have made it about shopping and have forgotten its true meaning.

Are you surprised Costco is closing it’s doors on Thanksgiving? Do you think they’ll do it again this upcoming holiday season? Comment below and let me know!

3 thoughts on “Costco Says, “We Don’t Want Your Business”

  1. I’m not surprised Costco is closed on Thanksgiving, I would be surprised if any other business in the U.S. did. Our culture is so 24/7. It’s refreshing to see a business that knows when to quit and knows the value of its employees. I think it also shows how much Costco understands their influence, because they know people will come rushing back as soon as the holiday is over. I worry that people aren’t so loyal to a store or brand if they decide to do the same as Costco when it comes to time off.

    As much as I’d love the European way of business hours, I don’t know if Costco will stay closed this Thanksgiving. Some Costco managers are different with their philosophy. So we’ll see if iall Costcos decide to stay closed this holiday season or not.


  2. I think it’s great that Costco is closing for Thanksgiving! One of my friends works for Costco, and I’m sure he and his family will be really happy that he won’t get called in during such an important family holiday. I think this decision gives Costco a good image as a fair employer.


  3. i am surprised because I think families get last minute things for dinner parties from Costco around the holidays. It does make Costco look more favorable and a warm environment for employees-they will probably be more passionate about their jobs since they are allowed to have family time around Thanksgiving too!


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