Why You Should Get High: A Message from Afroman

Ever since Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use, the topic has become the source of great controversy around the nation. There is plenty of support as well as plenty of criticism concerning the decision, with marijuana advocates pushing for legalization in more states. So far Colorado and Washington are the only states to allow recreational marijuana use, but many states are taking steps to allow medical marijuana, or at least to decriminalize its use. The decision to allow marijuana use has certainly been met with harsh criticism by some who argue the drug is dangerous in itself, but furthermore that it acts as a gateway to use of more extreme and dangerous drugs.

Despite this criticism, there are many activists who stress the positive benefits of marijuana legalization as a way to take the spotlight off the arguments of these critics. No matter what your opinion of marijuana is, it is very difficult to deny that it has had at least some positive impacts in the states that have legalized it. Within four months of its legalization in Colorado, the state gained $10.8 million in tax revenue, $1.9 million of which will go to improve Colorado schools. Additionally, crime has gone down 5.2% in Colorado since legalization went into effect.

These are just a few of the benefits that legalization advocates focus on, and many of these endorsers are popular celebrities. Seth Rogan, Woody Harrelson, and of course, Afroman, are among the celebs pushing for legalization of marijuana. The latter has been a very vocal advocate for years, and rose to fame as a result of his popular rap song, “Because I Got High.” Despite being an avid user and supporter of marijuana, the rapper’s hit song actually gives it a bad reputation. Lyrically, the song talks about how marijuana use has degraded Afroman’s quality of life. Some examples from the song are how marijuana has caused him to fail his classes, miss court dates, and lose his kids and wife. In an attempt to change the negative perceptions of marijuana his original song gave off, Afroman has partnered up with NORML, an organization dedicated to reforming marijuana laws, and produced a remix of his famous track that details all the positive things that have occurred, and can continue to occur, as a result of marijuana legalization. Take a listen for yourself.

The video is goofy to say the least, but it also touches upon many of the aforementioned benefits that marijuana legalization has led to in states like Colorado. The video has received nearly 3 million views in just over a week, and has become a viral hit across the Internet. But despite its popularity, it is sure to be received with mixed reviews among those who see it. What is your opinion of Afroman’s new song? Does he make a valid point that marijuana should be legalized? Or is it just a silly song that attempts to distract the public from the potential dangers of marijuana use?


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