Want to Shop At Whole Foods?

Whole Foods has always been for me one of those stores that I internally role my eyes at. This is totally unfair of course. I’ve never been into a Whole Foods and my attitude towards the store is based solely on the people I know who shop at the organic specialty foods store. Apparently the negative sentiment towards Whole Foods is spreading. For the first time since the company’s conception Whole Foods will be releasing a national marketing campaign.

The campaign is said to be in response to disappointing sales, which are said to be the result of an increase in competition. With rivals such as Kroger and Walmart starting to sell organic products at much lower prices many of Whole Foods customers are beginning to shop elsewhere. Considering that this is not the first time Whole Foods has been critiqued for its high prices I would say that the overall message of their new campaign is very smart. Stressing the quality of their food and making it a point to say the price of the food is well worth it.

With that said I still doubt that I will ever shop at Whole Foods. I am on a limited income after all. Whether the new ads will make a difference in Whole Food’s sales or not is anyone’s guess.

3 thoughts on “Want to Shop At Whole Foods?

  1. Regardless of values, food prices are part of a competitive market. The commercial whole foods put out seems to focus on the values of organic food, and like you said, with competitors stocking shelves with organic food, there leaves little reason to buy the food for more money at their store. If they sold products you could not get anywhere else, that would change the whole dynamic. However, organic food is becoming more available with demand, so they must lower their prices to stay in the competition.


  2. I definitely think Whole Foods is right to start a marketing campaign to boost sales. What made them popular in the past is the fact that they were unique in terms of the products they offered. Now that other chains are selling similar organic products at a lower price, they have lost their unique selling point and need to come up with a way to draw in these lost consumers and convince them it is to their benefit to choose Whole Foods over one of their competitors.


  3. This is a good idea from Whole Foods. But, the main issue with the company is the insanely high prices for food. Most people can’t afford to shop there. If Whole Foods wants to remain competitive, they should consider cutting prices or offering cheaper options in addition to the food they already sell.


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