Virgin America’s 6 Hour Advertisement: Innovative or Redundant?


If you’ve ever been on a commercial airliner before, you know all about the various quirks and idiosyncrasies of other passengers that can drive even the most relaxed person insane. It is true, there is nothing quite like flying in an airplane, whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Virgin America recently put out a peculiar advertisement that lasts about six hours long and replicates the experience of being on a stereotypical flight, which also seems to verge on the borders of the uncanny valley with its use of a humanistic mannequin throughout the entire video. In many ways, this advertisement is similar to those we see everyday on television as it introduces dissonance to the consumer, in this case the unpleasant experience of a typical coach class flight, and implies a solution in the form of their services. Virgin America’s message is simple, next time you book a flight, fly Virgin and you will avoid a negative experience. Because of the length of the advertisement, Virgin America is able to articulate as many of the issues that most passengers complain about, and ensure that said issues will not be present on their planes.

However, the real question is: who has the time to actually sit through a 6 hour ad?

More importantly, Who would be willing to sit through the entire thing?

It seems like Virgin America would be wise not to waste the resources needed to film such a lengthy advertisement, and opt to film a much shorter version with the same basic concept. After all, it is safe to say the vast majority of people are just skimming through the video after the first 5 minutes. Still, it seems as though Virgin America might be on to something big. They are breaking ground in the advertising world with such an ad, and surely they must have broken the record for the world’s longest advertisement. Despite the fact that much of the advertisement is monotonous and repetitive, it is clear that it is depicting their competition, which relocates the feeling of boredom and lethargy onto their opponents.

Still, no matter what ingenious concept Virgin America came up with for this advertisement, it is safe to say that it is just too lengthy to be viewed by anyone in one sitting.

What do you think? Is Virgin America’s 6 hour advertisement innovative or redundant?



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One thought on “Virgin America’s 6 Hour Advertisement: Innovative or Redundant?

  1. I agree that very few people are going to take the time to watch the entire advertisement. We are talking about Virgin Airlines, though, so they must be doing something right! My thought is that they made a 6 hour ad to draw attention to the fact that they made a 6 hour ad.


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