The New Landscape of Advertising

This article opens up with some very interesting observations about the ways that commonly used technologies have evolved throughout the years. It caused me to realize that a lot of our technological terminology has become outdated. The author of the article provides some thought provoking examples of that, like the smartphone. It is pointed out that although it is viewed as a type of a phone, the phone app on the smartphone is not even one of the most commonly used apps on the device. Also, technology has evolved to the point where we would say that we are watching TV or listening to the radio, but in actuality, we are doing neither of those things. We are probably watching a made for television series or listening to a broadcast on our television or laptop. The point of all of those observations is to illustrate that as our methods of media consumption evolve, so must our methods of advertising.
The author explains that this is on the verge of happening, and goes on to explain a few attributes that the new TV advertising landscape will include, two of which I found very interesting. The first attribute that she covers is audience buying. Audience buying means that rather than buying shows and channels for advertising, we can now buy specific demographics that we want to advertise to, making the ads significantly more effective.
Other attributes that we could see in the new TV advertising landscape is flow media. Flow media means that advertising campaigns can come together seamlessly through multiple forms of media. For example, with flow advertising, a single campaign could integrate TV, mobile, desktop and tablet forms of media. This would give advertisers a lot more opportunities to effectively reach people through any form of media.
Personally, I am not at all surprised by how the new TV advertising landscape is taking shape. I like the fact that advertising is evolving alongside the forms of digital media. As someone in an advertising related field, these new developments are exciting to me. However, if I did not have any special connection to advertising I think that I would either not care about these new developments or that I would really find them annoying. What do you think? Do you think that the advancement of the way we advertise is a good thing or an annoyance? Or are you just indifferent?

– Goodwin, T. (2014, October 20). TV Advertising Is About to Change Forever. Retrieved October 23, 2014, from

One thought on “The New Landscape of Advertising

  1. I agree, new evolving media equals new ways of advertising. I am pretty neutral overall and I also think if I wasn’t involved in this field that I probably wouldn’t really pay attention or notice these kind of things. I think it is cool that there are more options of ways to advertise now and more ways to reach audiences. But coming from a consumers point of view sometimes it can be annoying like that video we watched in class about the trains that advertise only when your head is against the glass. Sometimes these new options of ways to advertise can be a little intrusive


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