The DMX Robot

Tribal New York is known for their innovative digital work and mobile apps. Recently Tribal New York partnered with the Consumer Healthcare Products associate to tackle a need for awareness on the growing abuse by teens of the drug DMX. DMX is most commonly found in over the counter cough medicines, and is most frequently abused by teens ages 14-19. The app targets teens in this age group who know about the abuse of this drug, or are in interaction with people who use it.

The digital campaign and mobile app that Tribal New York created to raise awareness on this important issue basically simulates for application users, the effects of what it is like to be under the influence of DMX. This is accomplished through taking a robot through a series of everyday task and seeing what happens. The results are quite shocking, and definitely a wake up call for those thinking of using the drug, or those who know people using the drug. It is a highly effective call to action for teens in these situations to seek help for those in need, or to stay away from such a harmful substance.

This is one of the most effective campaigns to combat substance abuse in quite some time. It does not use scare tactics, and it does not call upon the personal accounts of others. It simply lets the user experience the horrible effects of DMX, and learn how it can ruin one’s life in a very real and private way. It is also extremely effective, because this is the best way to reach the target market. Teens these days are glued to their phones—constantly using applications and playing games. Tribal clearly understands that if you want to reach this target market, you have to do it in a digital way. The technology is impressive to people of this age which gives the campaign extra credibility.

It is a very effective way to spread the word on the harmful effects of DMX, and surely other brands could benefit from awareness and PSAs executed in this fashion. What are some other brands or causes you believe might fit into this model? Would an app like this be effective in educating/changing your opinion on a topic such as this?

Van Gurp, M. (2014, October 13). Experience the effects of abusing DMX without trying it yourself. Retrieved October 23, 2014, from

2 thoughts on “The DMX Robot

  1. Such a cool concept, its hard to wrap my head around the issue! This is an effective way to market and raise awareness to those who are most vulnerable to these types of overdoses, teenagers and young adults.


  2. I have never heard of “DMX” until I read this article. I think this is a very effective way to push out the information especially because like you said so many people are constantly on their phones these days that if this was pushed across social media it would definitely get more attention etc. I also agree that it can help brands benefit from PSA’s. I don’t have anything controversial to say about this I think its exactly how it should be.


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