This is a very simple advertisement, yet very timely and relevant. It depicts two young adults who are in love standing next to each other. But rather than physically hugging, kissing, or talking to each other, they instead are sending their love through emojis, pictures, and word bubbles. The name of the advertisement is “Say love you better”, and at the end of the ad it said “Say anything better”.


The purpose of this ad was to promote the use of Facebook’s Messenger App. Through the interactions of the two young adults who were in love, all of the various features of the app were displayed, such as sending pictures, emojis, text, videos, and voice memos. The question I was left with after watching this ad is the ethical use of love. This ad made love seem very impersonal and more of a joke than a serious human emotion. Love almost seemed inhuman because of the lack of verbal and physical interaction between the two young adults. So is this ad leading a movement towards a lesser-valued, inhuman version of love?

After watching this, I thought about whether the right market was being targeted. Statistics show that mother and adults are starting to use Facebook more so than young adults and teenagers. So did they choose the right target market? I think yes. Though their target market are not the biggest users, that obviously shows a need to reach out to this younger demographic again.

Overall I think that this advertisement was successful. Facebook really knew their target market, and knew what they wanted to convey to that market. The content and strategy is very relevant, fitting, and relatable to a younger demographic. And come on, who does love to love?


1) Did this make love seem not serious?

2) Why does Facebook need to promote a Messenger App when there are no ads or a source of revenue?

3) So is this ad leading a movement towards a lesser-valued, inhuman version of love?


“Say Love You Better.” YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 23 Oct. 2014.

4 thoughts on “FALLING IN LOVE…KIND OF.

  1. I really like this advertisement even though I despise the Facebook messenger application and the fact that you have to have the app to use messaging on Facebook (Unless you are on a laptop)
    1) Did this make love seem not serious? No it was a cute way to convey the topic
    2) Why does Facebook need to promote a Messenger App when there are no ads or a source of revenue?
    Because without the app you can’t use messaging unless you are on a laptop as mentioned previously. Its a way for them to get more downloads of the application which equals more users.
    3) So is this ad leading a movement towards a lesser-valued, inhuman version of love?
    I think its just the way technology has evolved. I think its showing that sometimes we can’t always physically be together with the person we love etc so its nice to be able to communicate through technology and then you see them together at the end (in person) where they are able to show their affection personally.


  2. It is true that human behavior has evolved as the time passes. The way people interact and behave have change. It’s just like how toddlers now play with tablets and smart phones instead of soft toys and balls etc. However, there are cases where online romance that lasts long due to many reasons but the feeling of the courtship is more digital. I can’t exactly say if there is bad but I definitely wouldn’t want to have an online romance. On the other hand, there are many cases where conversations started off from social media and developed into something more intimate. I think this is because some people feel more comfortable talking to their significant someone behind the screen than face to face and this gives them courage. I think they promote the messenger so that they can exploit more into our information and sell them to the marketing company that display ads on our homepage.


  3. I definitely don’t think this is making love not serious, it’s just a spot for messenger. I thought it was a fun ad, it was showing all of the features of facebook messenger and how there are so many different ways to communicate. Our world is definitely changing in the way we interact with one another, but I wouldn’t go so far to say that this ad is promoting a different kind of love.


  4. This ad kind of creeps me out. I think it definitely depersonalizes the idea of love. Also, Messenger is now required to be downloaded on your iPhone in order for you to have the Facebook app function as well, so I don’t know why they need to promote it. Perhaps it’s in response to the recent wave of people un-installing the app after various articles were released about how far Facebook Messenger digs into our privacy.


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