CallSnap – A Fun Way To Decline Calls


Ok you have a phone that can predict what you want to say, but what about when you’re on a call or doing something where you are unable to pick up the phone? Of course it is usually at that moment when your phone starts ringing. As of now we have the option of declining the call and responding via a text message if we want, but what if we could take a quick picture showing exactly why we could not answer at that moment? Not only would it be fun, but it would also be pretty helpful. Well that is what the smartphone application “CallSnap” does. It is a free app available for androids right now, and they are working to extend it to iPhone users as well.

CallSnap is very easy to use, and is an innovative program. There is currently no other application like it. After you download it you will notice a new icon on your answer screen the next time your phone rings. When someone calls and you can not answer it all you have to do is swipe the icon which will then open up a camera interface. Take a picture, whether it is a selfie or a picture of what you are looking at, and CallSnap will automatically send the picture as a text message to the person who is attempting to reach you, showing them why you are not available to talk on the phone at that exact moment.

Another option allows you to swipe a microphone icon over so that you can record a quick voice memo stating why you are not able to answer the call.
CallSnap also has a feature that allows you to chose a “Hold-On” or “Got-Call” option. So if you are in a meeting or maybe even a class, and your phone rings but you need a few moments to step out of the room you can swipe the “Hold-On” option. Your incoming call will then be answered and the app will let your caller know that you will be with them in a few moments. It’s like having a personal receptionist answer your calls.

Occasionally we all get that friend or family member who consistently calls non-stop no matter how many times you push decline. Then they also text until they get some sort of response from you. So CallSnap created a “Got-Call” option which lets your caller know that yes you received their call but you are in the middle of _____. You are able to fill in the blank or record your own memo. From there the app sets a reminder for you to call them back at whatever time you chose.

So lets say you were at a baseball game and your friend calls you right when the bases are all loaded. You most likely do not want to pick up the call at that moment. So just take a photo with CallSnap and it will tell the caller that you are at the game. Now of course CallSnap is not meant for every situation out there, but for the times when it is appropriate the app is really great. Right now you can download the app from the google play store for free.

I think this is an interesting concept and can definitely be useful for the right targeted audience. I think the company could get more viewers and customers if they had more promotions going. I think their commercials are pretty decent but there a few that could use some improvements like a better voice over etc. I also think the company should do some analytical research to see what the demand for a product like this is. Does anyone really want this? Is there a need for it? Is it user friendly enough or is it more of a hassle to have? I feel that they need to show “why” people should care about this app better.

I personally like the option of being able to send a voice memo of why I can’t take a call, but my favorite part was being able to place people on hold and play music because I always seem to find myself receiving an important call and I usually am not able to get out of the room quick enough to answer it. Or I’ll answer and say “hold on one sec” and then go to step out of class or wherever I am and the person hears the background noises and thinks I forgot about the call as I’m walking out, and then they hang up right when I get to where I can talk which can be frustrating especially when you are dealing with an important situation or business etc. So the “Hold-on” option would be my biggest reason to download this app once they make it available for iPhones.


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One thought on “CallSnap – A Fun Way To Decline Calls

  1. I think this is a really cool idea! Would the photos be able to be saved to the caller’s phone, or would they disappear similar to a Snapchat? This app has the potential to be really funny. I also think the ads need a bit of work, but I would be interested in downloading this so my mom knows I’m actually busy when I ignore her calls.


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