Ads Getting Spookier This Time of Year

As everyone knows, Halloween is right around the corner. Holidays are not only fun for the family, but they also provide a huge market for communications. TV shows have special Halloween episodes and advertisements get a little spookier. Halloween is not only celebrated in the United States, so there is a bigger market internationally that can be sold to. The two international ads today are from Ikea and Snickers.

Singapore Ikea’s Halloween commercial is straight from the Shinning. It shows a little boy riding a bicycle through an Ikea store to creepy music. The different home scenes set up throughout the store that he passes are also scary. At the end of his ride he comes across two people dressed in blue dresses that tell him to “come pay with us Danny” is an echoing voice. The commercial takes a turn when the two people end up being his parents summoning the little boy to go to the check out line with them. Here is the ad below:

The second TV commercial is Spanish advertisement from Snickers titled “Twisted.” They follow their ongoing campaign “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” but with a little twist. Instead of being an annoying are cranky person, they show the “hungry person” as a terrifying monster. A boy is teasing a girl and the “monster” turned around and growls at them. One of the moms offers the monster a Snickers bar. It turns out the monster was actually another mom and the party. The commercial ends with another comic twist as the man watching TV growls at everyone because he is a “monster.” Someone should probably give him a Snickers as well!!! The link to watch the ad is below:

So what do you guys think? Do holiday ads work? Personally, I think they work very well. They encourage everyone to celebrate by using their product. With Snickers, it is obvious why they would choose to market with the Halloween theme. Come October 31st, every kid will have at least twenty fun-sized Snickers bars in his or her basket.  But why Ikea? Do they have a reason to spend money on an ad other than to celebrate the holiday? Is it a good way to spend their money?


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2 thoughts on “Ads Getting Spookier This Time of Year

  1. I love holiday ads! They seem to generate great creativity from ad companies, and I think they work for the most part. They get conversations going, and if anything they just get people to remember their TV spot.


  2. I definitely think that Snickers made a great decision to roll out a new Halloween ad. Not only does their tagline “you’re not you when you’re hungry” fit perfectly with the holiday, but it’s one of the most common candies passed out during Halloween. I think Ikea could have touched more upon Halloween decorations (if they sell them), but it was a great idea to connect the upcoming holiday with their late hours.


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