You + Me + Facebook Messenger

We all know there are many ways of showing you love someone.

Holding hands. Forehead kisses. Singing a song. Writing love letters.

We all know those ways, but have you ever considered Facebook Messenger? A TV ad displays the many ways you can show someone you love that you care. A couple is in the screen together, and send each other displays of affection using the many features of the app.

Text. Voice recordings. Video. Pictures. Even their very popular stickers!

The creators of the ad succeeded in turning the app into action, rather than watching someone on their phone or looking at fingers touch a screen. I would try to describe to you how they did that, but it was done so well that you just have to see it for yourself.

Despite having actors in the ad, viewers can still feel the emotion and acknowledge the person behind sending messages. Critics of Facebook’s previous advertisements expressed that their ads lack the “intimate, human moments that social media can spur. Facebook now has proved those critics wrong. The most successful advertisements are those which audiences can connect to. I personally am drawn to advertisements which I can connect my own experiences to them. In a way, I see myself reflected in the ad.

I saw this ad and immediately thought of how I use Facebook Messenger to connect with people. I’ve used the app when I’m away from my family in California, I want to speak to my friends using stickers, and even during my long distance relationship during the summer. The app helped me connect with everyone. And there has been several moments where I used the stickers to show someone I love them or that I was thinking of them.

Even after watching the ad, it really stuck with me. I recollected the memories of finding funny stickers to send to my little brother, and sending videos of my day to my significant other on the East Coast. It was so personable that the ad stuck with me and still continues to stick with me now. I somewhat feel like I’m more conscious that I’m using Facebook Messenger, rather than any other app.

Even if you haven’t used Facebook Messenger before, you would want to after seeing the ad. Do you know what the best part is? The app is free!

Johnson, L. (2014, October 22). Ad of the Day: Whoa, Facebook Actually Made a Great Little TV Ad About Modern Love. Retrieved October 22, 2014, from

6 thoughts on “You + Me + Facebook Messenger

  1. I love Facebook’s new advertisement. I think it is a cute, quirky way to show off Messenger. I also read the article, and I think it will be cool to see the ad on the side of the “L” in Chicago. I also think the song choice makes the commercial. Critics of Facebook often say that it is limiting face-to-face interaction and lessening human interaction. To me, this ad is saying that using Messenger is not limiting, but increasing human interaction by giving people another way to interact and say “I love you.”


  2. I love the new Facebook Ad! I thought it was so touching and personal. I feel like people will really have an emotional connection with it. It will give Facebook a great image as well.


  3. I enjoy the ad! I still feel that there is still a deeper connection when people take time to write a letter or are with you in the physical space in front of you that can not be replicated by Facebook Mesenger! Maybe that’s me 🙂


  4. I really enjoyed this advertisement. However, the FaceBook messenger app has come under criticism in the last few months, and it has led me to delete the app. But, when I do use the messenger on my laptop, I am connecting with those close to me. Sending images, or messages, or sound bites. I really connected with this ad 🙂


  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t most phones already have messaging features such as these? That being said this is a nice direction for Facebook. I’ve personally never liked Facebook because I feel it limits person to person interaction. The features for the application help remedy that to some degree. Not a very large degree.


  6. I really love this ad, and think they did a great job! They proved that you still can say one of the most important things…”I love you” in an emotional way without being face to face.


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