May The Most Innovative Technique Win

Lionsgate is using an innovative technique to bring awareness to the new Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1. They have teamed up with Google, using YouTube as their platform to created a mini series called District Voices. The series places some of YouTubes most notable personalities into a variety of Panem districts. This idea is designed to bring awareness to the new film and target those viewers who are in the 18-35 year range. “The videos were concepted and developed with the team from the YouTube Space LA and filmed on location there, and around Los Angeles. They provide a window into an expanded world of The Hunger Games and deliver original content to the passionate fan bases of both the films and the individual YouTube creators” (2).

People are watching videos on YouTube an “excess of 9 billion hours” (1) globally, so why not try and target them? “The YouTube collaborators involved in the campaign have a combined audience of more than 4.9 million subscribers, and they have racked up more than 550 million video views” (1). Ben Malbon, director of creative partnership at google said, “This collaboration with Lionsgate showcases how brands can harness the power of Google and YouTube to reach their core audience when they are engaging with the content they are most passionate about and where they are spending the majority of their time” (1).

Danielle De Palma, of Lionsgate agrees saying, “We cannot think of a better partner than these incredible YouTube stars, who truly bring new content to life in the world of Panem and extend our storytelling to online audiences in exciting new directions” (1).

This collaboration is not only good for Lionsgate and Google, but also for those YouTube personalities. They are featured on the Hunger Games, CapitolTV web-site, which will also help expand their personal fan base. Check out the website here:

YouTube is becoming the best way to reach our generation, and Lionsgate is capitalizing on that. This innovative collaboration could take the place of advertising in the future.

I’m not a huge YouTube follower, but they are definitely out there. Do you think this is a good way to reach people? Or should Lionsgate have taken the more traditional approach?


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One thought on “May The Most Innovative Technique Win

  1. I think this is a really cool way to advertise for the new movie because it doesn’t really seem like advertising to the viewer. I consider myself a pretty avid Hunger Games fan, so I definitely wanted to watch them, but when I looked it up I got bored very quickly. I did not know any of the YouTube stars–maybe this is because I do not watch a lot of YouTube videos? I think this is a good way to promote the movie, but it only reaches audiences that are big into YouTube..and people who have enough patience to watch the whole video.


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