Vest or Vote

I am doing everything I can in my power to not start hysterically crying in the Digital Media Lab in Corboy right now. Listening to one of my favorite songs, “When I Grow Up,” isn’t helping. Probably because it has become such a common theme in America that some young adults will never grow up… AdWeek posted an article today, titled “After Trayvon Martin, Chilling Ad Offers Bulletproof Vests for Kids,” which at first glance, I was infuriated by because I didn’t realize if the ad was satirical or not. Is that an f-ing joke?? What has this country come to? But as I reading through the article, and watched the tear inducing video, I was quite moved by the ad’s message.Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.49.51 PM

A Florida-based group, called The Dream Defenders, put together an entire website, using H&M style ads to try to “sell” a “bulletproof vest for boys” for the reasonable price of $149.99! But when you click anywhere on that webpage, it takes you to the Dream Defenders website, featuring the chilling video, as well as information on how to get involved, and ultimately fight against Florida’s “stand your ground” law.

I think the ad campaign is incredibly affective, and I really hope that the law in question is ultimately revoked and tragic shootings become a thing of American past. The only places and people I think should be allowed a gun are those who live a hunter lifestyle (such as in Montana, where people go hunting, and you don’t hear of any human-shootings happening there, do you?) In places like Florida (besides from the Everglades), and cities like Chicago, I don’t understand why a person feels the need for the gun. I’m censoring myself right now to avoid ruffling anyone’s feathers too much.

I don’t know how people in our class feel about gun rights. And frankly, I don’t know if I want to just because the argument is infuriating to me. If any pro-gun advocate watches the video the Dream Defenders put together and still doesn’t question their beliefs, then I will question their morals.

Is it more important for Americans to have the right to a gun, or should we all just walk around in bulletproof vests everyday, hoping that our loved ones don’t become the next newspaper headliner?

Out of curiosity, does anyone know of any pro-gun law ads that are moving, or can influence a person to change their opinions?

5 thoughts on “Vest or Vote

  1. I think the entire situation has gone completely out of control. Which is terrifying. I feel as if commercials like this are very effective though. They humanize it for those of us who have never been directly affected by a shooting by attempting to show that even the most “normal suburban” people are sometimes the target. It’s sad that we need these types of ads to influence us, but regardless, I like what they are doing.


  2. I think this billboard is a good way to catch people’s attention. It’s upsetting at first, but I will draw people in and ultimately bring them to the website. Super creative idea.


  3. This advertisement is certainly eye-catching, and it is effective and will absolutely lead others to view their website. It is also smart because the ad targets gun-violence, as opposed to gun control so no matter your views on the issue, you see that something needs to change with respect to the violence occurring on the streets.


  4. From an advertising standpoint, this is a great campaign. The billboard catches a wide range of viewers’ attention. Once they have the viewer’s attention, they further explain message. This advertisement will definitely have any impact on voters who are unsure which way they are going to vote.


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