Meaningful Media


Today in class we learned about media planning. We learned that media planners have to balance getting the message out into the public sphere with the amount of money in their budgets. Media planners aim to be as efficient as possible. They choose ads that can have a big effect without spending as much money. A media planner may choose to air a longer ad less frequently or a quick ad often in order to maximize the impact of the message. As we can see, most media planners opt for short and frequent ads, just think about the commercials you see or hear on a day to day basis. This strategy although still effective, is not necessary because viewers/consumers have youtube and other sharing sites to look up and share ads that speak to them. Companies should choose to allocate more of their media budgets towards producing quality advertisements because individuals are more likely to pay attention and internalize the message. If the ad is particularly entertaining, funny, meaningful, etc. viewers are more likely to share them with their friends. Furthermore, consumers have a greater trust in the opinion of their friends; by sharing the ad the friend is sending a message that they endorse this company.  This means that the company does not have to spend as much money trying to get the ad on the air. Consider the following advertisement as an example.

3 thoughts on “Meaningful Media

  1. That ad was excellently done. I didn’t expect it to be for that cause at all, but I love it! I think that you raised an excellent point in your post. That the effectiveness of ads is becoming more and more the internet and viral popularity than the effectiveness on TV or print. I just think about the Old Spice or Budweiser commercials that I always see on Facebook and the amount of exposure that they must receive from that.


  2. I think this ad is impactful because they used an uncommon theme which is the native americans. In the ad, inspiring words were uttered to play with the emotions of the viewers and part of the indian culture was shown to engage the viewers by intriguing them. Also, I think the background music fits the ad well and i like it when the timing of the music and the speech slow down together to conclude the message of the ad.


  3. Very interesting ad. I didn’t know that this was still an issue — definitely agree that the background music fits the ad well.


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