Star Studded Campaign for Gap Outlet Stores?

Celebrities endorsing products:  nothing new.  Gap Factory, the brand’s outlet store, however is taking the celebrity approach to a different level.  Gap hired David LaChapelle to shoot a star studded holiday campaign for the Factory stores that will begin to appear in print and social media ads for the 2014 Holiday shopping season.  The ads feature Chrissy Teigan, Chanel Iman, Noah Mills, and player for the New York Giants, Victor Cruz.  Stylist George Kotsiopoulus, (most known from E!’s Fashion Police) created his own Gap Factory line.  The line will not be available online or any regular Gap stores, but only in Gap Factory outlet stores.  “It’s very Gap, but it’s brighter than anything we’ve ever executed,” said Amondo Redmond, director of brand strategy and content at Gap Factory. “I think people will be surprised to see how David was willing to use his eye and use it within Gap Factory and create something really beautiful.”

I have to say, this is a new concept to me.  Outlet stores, in my opinion, have always been full of discarded items, often in the sizes typically not bought, and the just plain, “What were they thinking?” items.  Typically, if one goes to an outlet store, a certain amount of “digging” must be done in order to find an item to purchase, and most of the time the digging pays off!  I have never heard of a company designing a line for it’s outlet stores specifically though.  I can see how it attracts the consumer who does not want to spend very much, but Gap owns Old Navy, which is the company’s discounted line.  I will be interested to see if the time and money spend into this advertising campaign pays off.  I do have to say, it did get my attention though.

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4 thoughts on “Star Studded Campaign for Gap Outlet Stores?

  1. This is definitely a good idea on Gap’s part! Outlet stores are always kind of “ehhh…” but this campaign definitely shows that Gap isn’t going to be putting total crap in the outlet stores by putting out a campaign that’s essentially saying, “hey! Look at these celebrities! They love Gap Outlet stores!”


  2. Outlet stores often carry lines that are vastly different from their actual stores. This is moreso because of the fabric that outlet stores use to manufacture their clothes rather than appeal to customers, so I find this advertising campaign interesting and effective. Many outlet clothing stores carry clothes that are not only last season’s styles, but also styles that are made in different places with lower quality fabrics. By advertising high end customers, Gap appeals to a wide variety of people with a lower end line.


  3. I think this is a great way for Gap to get people into their outlet stores. If there is a line exclusively there that was designed by a well know stylist people would go in just to check it out, and possibly buy other things too.


  4. These Gap Factory ads are a good idea. I feel like more and more outlet malls are popping up across the nation, and like stated earlier in the blog post, they do not always have good connotation surrounding them. The ads are bright and cheering, perfect for the holiday season. It is smart to put the ads out during this time because who doesn’t want to save a few bucks for Christmas? The celebrities chosen kind of seem like a random mix, so I am wondering why they chose this group.


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