Where’s the Water


We’ve all heard people argue over the plethora of water brands and which is best, only to say “but it’s just water, it all tastes the same!” Well now it isn’t even water… it’s just an empty plastic bottle that the water brand Fred is trying to market as a better option to other bottled water brands. For $9 you can be the proud owner of Fred’s 13.5-ounce plastic water bottle for all your water consumption needs. What makes Fred’s unique you ask? Well their water bottle is flask shaped…so it must be cool right?

Fred’s is banking on the fact that customers will see a value in purchasing their latest product because traditional packages of bottled water can cost $25 or sometimes more. Fred’s also touts the fact that their bottles unlike traditional plastic bottles do not contain BPA or phthalate, which people worry are cancer-causing agents. They are also backpacking off of a previous campaign that they had in which they talked about the evils of sugar, specifically related to soft drinks. With their new, empty flask water bottle, they are urging customers to rehydrate responsibly, and for free!

But with glass water bottles becoming more and more popular, and consumers, especially those who are already health conscious, becoming more aware of the importance of hydrating, why would anyone ever buy an empty plastic branded water bottle from the grocery store. They could either spend money on a nice water bottle, or they could just reuse a bottle water bottle they already possess. There’s not enough value behind a product like this, to make it worth keeping around. No matter how cool the shape, or the brand might be, there is no point. And…if Fred’s still plans to sell bottles with water in it, why would I buy the same version of there product without water in it at a more expensive price point. If I am going to re-use your product, at least give me complimentary water with my purchase. The whole thing seems a bit backwards.

Sometimes, it seems like brands today that passionately support a cause, or try to present themselves in a hipster or indie light, miss the mark. They don’t take enough time to think about their target market, and focus too much on what they think of themselves. What are some other brands that you think have fallen into a similar position as Fred? What are some products that tried too hard to make a statement?


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2 thoughts on “Where’s the Water

  1. I enjoyed reading this post and I agree about receiving complimentary water with the purchase. Also, I don’t think all water tastes the same although some people do. I can easily argue that Arrowhead water has a terrible after taste. Altogether, I think this idea is going to flop for the company. I really do not see a point in anyone buying an empty Fred water bottle, especially one that probably isn’t that durable.
    What are some products that tried too hard to make a statement? I think that VOSS water tried to hard to make a statement. The concept of the packaging was cool but I felt that it was way over priced and just kind of ridiculous. I’ll just continue to drink Aquafina.


  2. I also enjoyed reading this post. You made some excellent points. It’s kind of sad that our society has sunken this low to be honest. Next thing you know people will be paying to be able to breathe. It’ll be really disappointing if Fred makes a profit off of this. However I do see where they are coming from with the whole “non BPA” plastic idea. I would buy it for that reason, even if it was empty, but not for $9, maybe for $1.50 or $2.00 at the most.


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