The Thing Internet Can’t Provide is Touch.


Everything begins with a touch. A friendship, a relationship, an agreement, a truce and even a marketing plan. This company foresees the arrival of the cuffing season and started an app based on “touch”. It is called the Cuddlr, an app that can be used to look for cuddling partners and many has related Cuddlr to Tinder, just a friendlier version with a more angelic intention.

When the app was introduced, many rolled their eyes or even sneered at it but it is these emotions that pique the curiosity and trigger people to try it. And once they try it they might like it. Cuddlr’s marketing strategy is centered on the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs- love and belonging. The founder of the company realized that people tend to stay indoor more often due to the cold weather and this is the time they are vulnerable to loneliness. Also, they target on single urbanites who yearns for a company to cuddle with but don’t intent to cross a line.

So this is how it works:

  1. Download Cuddlr

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.49.52 AM

  1. Create your profile and send request to a cuddle partner.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.50.01 AM

  1. Set up a meeting.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.50.14 AM

  1. And it’s cuddle time!

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.53.49 AM

  1. Don’t forget to rate your cuddle partner!


Cuddlr, the social app for cuddling is not doing a great job in advertising and marketing and they definitely failed at making it big. There are only a promo video and review articles available. Although it is interesting and ridiculous at the same time, it provokes curiosity and so much creativity could’ve been deployed in the marketing and advertising plans. Instead, they fell short and people are now making fun of them all over the Internet. However, I do not understand why Tinder, a hookup app, is more widely accepted by the society and not this harmless cuddle app?

I honestly think that the world is not so innocent and I think that Cuddlr is a devil in disguise and the devil is just wearing a mask of an angel. The first thing that came to my mind was that it is highly possible that cuddling can lead to a more inappropriate action and Cuddlr can turn into Tinder. Not only that, the very fundamental of cuddling with strangers infringes on personal safety, which is one of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This contradiction might be the reason the app is not doing so well.

So what do you think? Try your fate with Cuddlr?


DeAmicis, C. (2014, September 29). I snuggled with a stranger using new app Cuddlr, and my fellow cuddlee had a gun. Retrieved October 16, 2014.

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4 thoughts on “The Thing Internet Can’t Provide is Touch.

  1. At first I thought this was a joke to be honest. Initially it seems like a very strange idea to have an app designed specifically to find a cuddle buddy, but if there is a market for it I guess there is a potential for it to be successful. I have noticed that there are many posts on Yik Yak of people requesting people to cuddle with, so I guess there are people that would use it. It is just funny to me that we live in a time where something like finding someone to cuddle with needs to be facilitated by social media. It is like a dating app, but ten times more casual. I am interested to see how this app performs, but I do not see it being nearly as successful as other dating apps like Tinder.


  2. Honestly, I find this super creepy. It reminds me of a parody SNL might do about tinder. Im not a huge fan of tinder, but it seems better than this. I can understand why it is not taking well on the internet, and people are not responding positively.


  3. I think that the concept of this app is pretty funny. I do not really take it seriously, and definitely would not use it. I can only imagine how many creepy and emotionally troubled people use this app. Also psychos, this seems like a psychos paradise. Anyone who has such a desire to caress or be caressed by a total stranger that they are willing to use this app and risk a potentially dangerous situation is not someone I would really want to be alone with. However, I am sure that there are tons of people who are really into this type of thing, and that is why this app is successful.


  4. I definitely can see the reason behind this app, lot’s of people long for physical comfort but don’t want to hook up. I can see this becoming a problem and lots of danger in it’s usage. I also would be interested to see if this app becomes successful and gains a lot of users. I feel like a lot of people won’t take this app seriously nor use it.


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