T-Swift Connecting with Millenials

On the heels of her next album release, Taylor Swift is at the forefront of the spotlight. Is there anyone that has chronicled our love lives better than Tay Tay? We practically grew up together. But, recently T-Swift has been struggling to connect with us. We aren’t so thrilled by her change of pace, and quite frankly her dance moves are painful to watch. So, what are the two things that millennial girls love the most? Diet Coke and kittens.

This commercial is every millennial girls dream, the more Diet Coke you drink to more kittens appear in your apartment. Who wouldn’t love that?!
With millenials becoming harder to connect to, and Taylor Swift slowly drifting into obscurity it was a no brainer to bring the two together. Coke commercials have become very predictable, and the surprise of appearing cats was a magical experience.

The lighthearted spot was the perfect combination of surprise and fun. The only part of the commercial that seemed to really be pushing a point was the end, when Taylor plugged her new album. I was really enjoying it up until that point, and for a second considered what it would be like to be Taylors bff.

It has become clear that in order to actually sell a product to millenials, you cannot explicitly sell a product. You have to weave it into a lifestyle piece or make it seem like a story, not an informational advertisement. In an age of brand loyalty and obsession this Diet Coke advertisement hits the spot.


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6 thoughts on “T-Swift Connecting with Millenials

  1. I agree with you that the best way to reach a certain group, you must not just be a famous person or say something, you must connect a lifestyle to your product or brand. However I think this commercial is really dumb. I think it almost says more about Taylor Swift and what she likes versus someone else. Over all if was a good marketing strategy especially for who they are trying to reach with diet coke.


  2. In general, I think Coke has great advertisements, and this ad affirms my belief in that. I love Coke, kittens, and Taylor Swift, and so do millions of girls in the US ranging from 5 to 45. To a Tay Swift lover, I don’t care if she promotes her album at the end because chances are I am going to buy it anyway, no matter what the advertisement, but I can also see where people would get annoyed by it. Overall, I think this commercial appeals to the target audience very well.


  3. I agree that it is important to not just sell a product through a commercial but creative feeling and incorporate lifestyle with the product. As a Taylor Swift fan, this commercial is great because it is cute and happy. I can definitely see how this ad wouldn’t appeal to those who are not her fan because she does start to talk about her album at the end. At the same time, if you didn’t know who she was you could see this commercial and think about how adorable the kittens are.


  4. Despite people’s opinions or affections towards Taylor Swift, the fact is that there are millions of people who do like her. And plenty of those people within the target audience can be reached through an advertisement like this. It is a win win situation for Coke. This is a good example of effective use of celebrity endorsement.


  5. Absolutely agree with you: “It has become clear that in order to actually sell a product to millennial, you cannot explicitly sell a product.”

    Taylor Swift is also one of the hardest working artists right now. She follows her followers back, she stalks them, studying them, trying to decode and understand what they like, what they don’t, and what they are look for from an artist. It’s working. But it must be hard work.


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