Starbucks ad (Click Here)

Lets be honest, were pretty much all addicted to Starbucks, and we don’t have much say in the matter. So does Starbucks really need to market and advertise its coffee or is it already enough of a staple? Well, Starbucks decided to take a different approach to their advertising.

Instead of advertising their products, they instead are advertising the physical space that is called Starbucks. The video begins by saying, “Every day around the world millions of people get together at Starbucks. But it’s never been just about the coffee”. It is a bit of a bold move to tell your consumers that hey, it’s not really about the coffee. But to quickly clarify the point, the video then says “Good things happen when people get together”, and it is realized that the ad is encouraging people to simply meet at caribou versus other coffee shops. Their slogan for this campaign is “Meet Me at Starbucks”.

Random acts of kindness, intelligence, and hard work were captured in 28 different countries at various Starbucks locations. Various ethnic groups and cultures were captured, from women wearing Hijabs to people who were deaf and were signing. Starbucks was sure to be very all-inclusive to attract not only one specific target audience, but many different demographics. It is extremely difficult for a company to try and attract more than one demographic or target audience, but I think that Starbucks did a good job here. By showing different age groups, ethnicities, and cultures, this ad covers most of the demographical bases. Another interesting thing to see in this video was the different culturally accepted practices at Starbucks locations across the globe. In America, it would be uncommon to see live music or loud activity, whereas in other countries there are karate practices and band auditions held at a Starbucks shop.

Overall, Starbucks proved that people’s passions and interests can be united by meeting at their locations. I am greatly impressed at the wide demographic that they covered, and I think that this campaign will be a success.


  • Does Starbucks really need to market and advertise its coffee or is it already enough of a staple?
  • Do you think that Starbucks effectively hit more than one target audience in this video?


  1. I think this is a great idea for Starbucks. People are going to buy their coffee regardless, because it’s convenient and there is a store on every corner. Creating an ad like this one builds a positive brand image. People will associate a positive environment with Starbucks, therefore making them want to meet up there.


  2. Honestly, the whole point of this ad went completely over my head. I kept expecting there to be an incredibly sad story at the end. That being said, I think this is a very clever idea. One of the attractive aspects of going to Starbucks is for the atmosphere. Granted, it usually does not deviate very much depending on which Starbucks you go to but consistency is typically a good thing.


  3. Starbucks is all over the world, and offer so many products that even non-coffee-drinks will purchase from them. They already know they’re successful. So I think it is a smart decision to advertise the culture of their coffee shops as a new way to attract customers.


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