Be Together. Not the Same.

Think different is the advertising slogan must people still attribute to and associate with Apple. It encouraged consumers to take a chance on a different company and put their faith in Apple’s technology, which to this day is still described as new and innovative. But is this still true. Think about it the next time you walk into a classroom and are greeted with rows upon rows of  illuminated apple silhouettes. Or when you are exchanging numbers for a group projects and can’t help but notice that your partner has the exact same Iphone you do only in a different color. When people buy Apple products are they really purchasing innovative and new tech or are they just buying themselves further and further into a trend? Are we buying simply because Apple is what is in style?

This seems to be the case according to Google’s new Android advertisements. We’ve all seen the phone ads that directly call out the inadequacies of their competitors, but Google does not stoop to this level. For one thing, a competing brand is never actually named, but the implication is enough. Everyone and their mother (mine got hers two years ago) has a damn Iphone. Apple is no longer the new and innovative underdog it once was, but has become a technological juggernaut. Google has decided to capitalize on this Apple hysteria and is using it to advertise their product by seeding a very simple yet effective idea: if you want to be different, don’t own an Iphone. And between you and me, from one Iphone user to another, it’s working.


Matyszczyk, C. (2014, October 15). Google’s latest ads depict Apple users as conformists – CNET. Retrieved October 16, 2014, from

One thought on “Be Together. Not the Same.

  1. I think that we do buy Apple because it is what is in style. If we had never heard of Apple and all these recent products came out, I do not think that we would choose Apple as frequently as we do. Over the years, Apple has outperformed its competitors, and I think that today it is making a living off of its reputation.


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