Awwdorable Animal Ads

There are tons of ways to create effective ads. One of the best types of ads are ones that create happy feelings. One of the reasons ads use animals so much is because they are cute and create warm, fuzzy feelings in their viewers. I personally think that cute animal ads are extremely effective because they appeal to a large range of people. Almost anyone who watches a cute advertisements with animals will be caught with a smile on their face while viewing it.

Animals are often used to create emotional connections with the target audience to remind them of themselves or their pets. The different people it is able to reach is so large too because it isn’t limited to specific languages. If you watched a cute ad with an animal in it from Japan it still would effect you without knowing what they are saying.

Lot’s of people I know send videos and pictures of animals to each other when they know the other person is stressed with studying for school. There’s even a study showing that looking at pictures of cute animals improve work performance. So here is some of my favorite cute animal advertisements to help you get through these gloomy fall days.

1. 1:18 minutes of Shetland Ponies being put into Sweaters

Just to remind you that Shetland Ponies are a thing and you’re thinking of places in Europe to visit.

2. Tough Guys Love Animals

The campaign “Show Your Soft Side” shows “tough guys”, including pro athletes, speaking out against animal cruelty.

3. Doritos Pug

Lastly here is this adorable Doritos Pug.


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4 thoughts on “Awwdorable Animal Ads

  1. It is very true that people send pictures of animals to their friends during stressful times! For example, yesterday I sent the funniest picture of my cat with his tongue sticking out to my boyfriend because I knew he was having a stressful, busy Monday, and he definitely got a kick out of it!


  2. I think that cute animal ads are a really effective way of reaching people in multiple demographics. Cute animals appeal to most, if not all of the potential target markets. Another positive about animals ads is that people are more likely to share them on social media which will increase brand exposure.


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