A World Without Glass

glass ad

Have you ever wondered what a world without glass would be like? Maybe not, but Doremus & Co. and DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. thought about it, and launched five creative commercials to show how life without glass would be.
Three years ago Doremus and DDB partnered with Owens-Illinois (O-I), the world’s leading glass container manufacturer, to launch the ongoing “Glass is Life” campaign. The campaign originally started with a business-to-business focus, but the company needed to find a way to also target consumers. Glass products tend to be more pricey and because of that people in the world today tend to use more paper cartons and plastics versus glass products. In order to change the way the world thinks about glass packaging the company needed to show consumers the importance of glass products. An O-I Spokesperson stated “We believe glass is pure, healthy and natural, the kind of packaging that’s better for food and drink, better for us and better for the environment.”

The Glass is Life campaign was carefully thought out and put in motion using print, digital advertising and marketing, and a variety of social media platforms. This enabled the company to reach a larger diverse audience and address numerous issues (like environmental concerns) that consumers may have.

Check out the 5 fun and memorable ads below:

I believe these advertisements successfully emphasize the message that plastic and aluminum can’t compare to quality glass products, whether you are toasting at a bar or trying to cast an SOS message into the ocean. The commercials are innovative and have tasteful humor which captures the audiences attention. I thought the most effective commercial was the one with the guy on the stranded island because it was pretty funny, and also showed how much of a failure a plastic bottle was during his efforts to send out a message. However, most of these commercials are pretty unrealistic. How often do people really get stranded on islands? In light of that though, I definitely prefer the clinking of glass when toasting at a bar – it’s like it gives it more soul, something that aluminum cans just can’t do.

The ads are expected to launch this week in Colombia and Peru, but are currently available for viewing online in the meantime.

From O-I Glass: “We love glass. It starts life as sand, goes through fire and magically becomes a natural, beautiful material that safeguards your food and drink & is good for the environment.”

For more information on the company and their campaign you can check out their websites:
Company: http://www.o-i.com
Campaign: http://www.glassislife.com
Case Study: http://www.doremus.com/work/case-studies/glass-is-life/


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