Target Wants You to Protect Your Selfie

All I wanted to do was watch a Jennifer Lawrence interview, but first I  had to sit through this short commercial featuring an unhygienic Sami. One hour later, I am questioning my love of Target.

Unaware of what the Allies for Consumer Digital Safety origination is or what they do, I hit the Google to find more information.

According to its website, the Allies for Consumer Digital Safety’s “Protect Your Selfie” is a campaign initiative started by the Allies for Consumer Digital Safety. The goal is to help consumers better protect themselves from identity theft. The website provides tips, games and comical videos illustrating ways we can protect ourselves. As a young consumer it has some valuable information shared in an obnoxious way. Check out the website for yourselfie (see what I did there) here.

Fun Fact: the Allies for Consumer Digital Safety is actually owned by Target, the same company who was responsible for a huge security breach in late 2013.

The security breach reached an estimated 100 million customers. Hackers stole everything from  credit and debit card numbers to home addresses and phone numbers. Before one of the largest data hacks in history, Target was a place where customers would go in looking for a toothbrush and come out with $50 of miscellaneous products. Now Target is a company with a huge security problem.

Since the hacking Target has also gone great lengths to help their customers.The commercial does not indicate any affiliation with Target. It is only when you go to the website do you see the iconic Target logo. They created the Allies for Consumer Digital Safety as a way to rebuild brand trust and help consumer finds ways to protect themselves. They even offered a free year of credit monitoring for effected customers.

Target has made great initiatives to help customers. However, Target could have been proactive against the hackers and warn their customers of impending danger.Maybe Target did not take the threats seriously. Maybe Target did not want to lose customers right before the holidays. For whatever reason, Target ignored the initial reports of a security breach.

After learning about Target’s delayed actions and response times, I lost a little faith in my store. Is my identity safe? The next time I need a toothbrush, I am not sure if I will go to Target. It might be time to invest my money and brand loyalty in different organization.

Is this campaign a little too late?


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3 thoughts on “Target Wants You to Protect Your Selfie

  1. After the whole theft scandal with Target happened I think it really damaged their credibility and audience. Though they are trying to combat their bad reputation and fix the “boo-boo” they made, I think this is a little too late for them. I think responding to this issue so late almost seems a little stupid.


  2. I agree, and they are piggybacking on something that is popular today to gain credibility back. It’s actually less credible when brands do this because they can’t build their own image, and promote why they are good, they have to rely upon someone else to do that for them.


  3. I think Target has had some issues with everything that has happened to the via the media and technology in general. However I agree that they are piggybacking on something that has established itself. I think it is almost kind of overboard and unnecessary.


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