New Tech at Disney World

My family and I always go to Disney World on vacation. We’ve been going for years and even though we’re all too old to like it so much, we do. It’s more acceptable now, however, because I have two young nieces and we can say that we are going for them.

Anyways, Disney World has made a lot of major changes in the past year that have incorporated many new technologies that make the visitor’s experience better, more efficient and easier.One of these new technologies is their MagicBands. MagicBands are small bracelets that contain information about the visitor on a small microchip. The bands are given to each guest before they enter the parks.
disney bands

The MagicBands are used for many things, such as your admission ticket, paying for things inside the park, for FastPasses (Passes that allow you to get through lines faster) and for getting into your hotel room. Before the bands, visitors would have a key card that got them into the parks, into their hotel rooms and it was used for paying for things inside the parks. Additionally, visitors would get a separate paper ticket for their FastPasses. However, not these bands combine all of these things into one.

Physically, the MagicBands come in many colors, are very lightweight and virtually unnoticeable while wearing.

The way the MagicBands work is by using NFC (Near Frequency Communications). The microchip inside the band has your room information, your credit card, your Fast Pass tickets and your admission ticket built in. This microchip is connected to an NFC antenna. When entering the park, unlocking your room, using the fast pass, and paying, all the visitor has to do is touch the band to the NFC receivers that are located all over the parks and the bands do the rest. Disney World has these NFC receivers located at every checkout, on every hotel door, at the beginning of every ride and at every entrance to the park. By simply having visitors tap their bands to the receivers, all the transaction processes are streamlined, thus making everything more efficient and faster.

Disney World is the first theme park to use this technology in this way and is pioneering the future of NFC device usage in theme parks. The MagicBands did have a bit of a rough start with many customers finding them confusing and frustrating to use. However, Disney is continually improving the bands in order to make them as helpful and as easy to use as possible.

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4 thoughts on “New Tech at Disney World

  1. I first encountered bands with a chip this summer when I attended a couple of festivals. I think it really is an efficient tool to have when one is going to a festival or an amusement park because if everything is in there, then why need to carry everything with you? I know Lollapalooza had the option of registering your band with a credit card so that you didn’t have to carry all of that with you. I definitely think MagicBands are a good idea.


  2. I agree with the comment above. I went to Lollapalooza this summer and the bands with your credit card info and ticket in one were so convenient, and I felt it was a lot safer than carrying cash around that could easily be stolen. This seems like an even better idea at a place like Disney. I haven’t been in awhile, but I know that as a young kid it probably wasn’t a good idea to be in charge of keeping track of a room key, money, identification etc. A wristband makes it easier for everyone.


  3. I think these bands are an exciting new invention but they can be misused or abused. Because they store such sensitive data such as credit card and room number, I foresee a potential crisis should any bands be used to embezzle money or stalk women/children in the park. Where else could these bands be used effectively? I feel like festivals would be an effective implementation for the bands, especially where one doesn’t want to worry about carrying money around.


  4. This is a really interesting invention. It would be great to have all of your important information stored on a microchip. There are so many ways to expand on this product. I forget my keys all the time, imagine being able to scan my way into my front door. Still, the security risks are obvious, so they would have to be made extremely well protected.


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