Is Snapchat Next?


Snapchat is one of the most widely used applications produced by Apple throughout the past few years. With it’s unique ability to seemingly erase the pictures that we send, its users are more likely to send anything that they want, without the regret that one might feel after sending a normal picture that maybe wasn’t their best. This, however, might not be the case anymore and users are beginning to doubt the legitimacy of the privacy factor promised.

This past Monday, more than 200,000 pictures were stolen from users using “SnapSaved”, a third party website that allows users to send and receive pictures from a desktop computer instead of a mobile phone. Snapchat announced that their system itself was not breached and that they do not support any third party application such as SnapSaved however its users are now worried and Snapchat reports a decrease in use by over 15% the past two days since the breach occurred. Early October 13th, it was found that the pictures were stolen from a third party website by a group of hackers. The pictures have since not surfaced but the privacy of those who have stored pictures on SnapSaved has been broken.

SnapSaved CEO attempted to respond to the public by stating, “I would like to inform the public that was hacked” due to a mistake in the setup of its web server. “As soon as we discovered the breach in our systems, we immediately deleted the entire website and the database associated with it.” Although they handled the crisis situation by addressing it immediately, Snapchat is one of the most affected brands through association with the cite.

As an avid user of Snapchat, myself along with other users are now doubting the validity of the privacy factor that Snapchat has promised its users. Although we have acknowledged that they are not the same system, the knowledge that someone has breached a storage system once, who knows if Snapchat itself will be next.



6 thoughts on “Is Snapchat Next?

  1. This recent development makes me nervous and cautious to use social media sites. I wonder how this will affect our generation’s use of media, or if it will affect it at all.


  2. Being hacked would feel like a terrible invasion of privacy. Snapchat should close whatever loophole how Snapsaved found. We are promised 10 seconds or less and it is gone forever. Maybe it is silly of us to assume that our snaps just disappear.


  3. I think that although it was a complete breech or privacy, people should be smarter about what they send on SnapChat because users know that even if you send a picture for two seconds, the receiver of the snap chat can still screenshot the picture. Although the pictures do delete themselves after the timer has gone off, you can’t take back what someone has personally screen shotted.


  4. I think with any piece of technology it is difficult to completely ensure privacy of every user. It is interesting to watch how all of this unfolds, though. Good article, and interesting topic! I thought you were going to say Snapchat was being purchased by Apple or something along those lines.


  5. With every technology, I don’t think privacy is 100% guaranteed. Snapchat should never be used for inappropriate pictures because either someone is gonna screenshot it, or this is gonna happen to them. Be careful on social media.


  6. I think it’s unavoidable and i wasn’t surprised to hear about the pictures being breached. Privacy isn’t something that should be associated with the internet and technology. It’s kind of become an oxymoron.


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