In my Garage, I feel safe…

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At the Microsoft Headquarters (in Redmond, Washington), a new, interactive exhibit dubbed “the garage” recently made headlines.  Opened for the annual industry conference and running from September 29-October 4th, it seemed to be a hit — with roughly 100 people passing through the space every hour.

While it showcased some of Microsoft’s newest tech and gadgets (advertising), the garage was really about fostering “deeper emotional connection” with potential clients. Three main areas shared the space —  a twitter-activity that let users generate hashtags through eye-movement (using technology developed by Microsoft for patients with ALS), a station where personalized designs could be created or modified on Microsoft’s Surface 3 tablet/printed onto Converse Sneakers, and two giant, interactive touchscreens available for touring the new MSN website.

Benjamin Franklin once said “Tell me, and  forget.  Teach me, and I remember.  Involve me, and I learn.”  This seems like the strategy Microsoft was going…

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One thought on “In my Garage, I feel safe…

  1. I would definitely stop by a garage if there was one in Chicago! Anytime a company actively tries to engage consumers with hands on “pop-up” type shops I think it shows that they are trying to do more than coerce you into buying a product. They are applying a lot of time, resources, and money to capture your loyalty and trust. They want you to genuinely like the company before the product.


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