Immediate Response- Does it Help?

This week, KLM (more commonly known as Royal Dutch Airlines) based in Amsterdam will be creating a real-time newsroom where specialists work day and night to help travelers with questions. Whether the individual is a KLM customer or not, their agents are there 24/7 to answer inquiries and dilemmas from across every continent.

This campaign will run until Friday October 17, 2014- one week from the start date. The agents (250 of them around the clock) are housed in a round glass pavilion, speaking volumes about the company’s transparency values.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.56.33 PM

This is a temporary hub, serving as home base for the campaign called “#happytohelp”- brought to them by an advertising agency called DDB & Tribal Amsterdam- hired on by KLM’s team.

This campaign name is an interesting way the advertising agency KLM hired to show their commitment to extensive and extraordinary customer service. They are there, round the clock to assist you in any way needed, no matter where you are or if you use their service.

Individuals can call in or go online to tweet their questions, using the above hashtag to get their answers. Whether a customer wants to find out about the best restaurants in town or what the best way is to get to a museum- even packing tips, the employees of KLM are there and happy to help.

Their goal is to reply to every tweet inquiry they can within one week, answering as many questions from the general population as possible. Now, I tried to tweet in and ask a question, but still haven’t received a response after 4 hours. Does that mean their campaign is as effective as they would like? Maybe not. Or perhaps I did the hashtag wrong, I’m not sure. Twitter isn’t my thing.

But taking a step back, these advertisers really got it right. Not only will this campaign serve to display their great customer service, they will be able to make a bunch of content for their website, and for other publications from their research. Below is a YouTube video they made to correspond with the campaign, let me know what you think!

Now overall, do you think this campaign satisfies all of their stakeholders? I can see the stockholders and administration board being happy- because well, frankly this type of campaign makes them look great! But what about their competitors? Will this push them to have better customer service? What about their customers? I waited four hours for a response and still haven’t received one. How many others shared the same experience?

There is some time left. Maybe try asking your own question, using #happytohelp and see if you get better results.

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