Ideas are Useless

Have you ever had a brilliant idea and thought, “Why hasn’t this been invented?” You probably forgot all about this idea 6 hours later. Marc Landsberg, founder and CEO of Social Deviant told a crowd at Chicago Ideas Week that ideas are useless.

These brilliant “ideas” are just as useless at companies. How many companies have used the word “innovative” in their mission statement? Probably just as many as there are useless ideas.

The key here is that “innovative” and “ideas” mean nothing unless you turn ideas into actions. Landsberg held an event on Monday at Ideas Week called, “Turning Thoughts Into Things.” He said that a common mantra at Social Deviant is “If you think it, you’d better be able to make it.”

Innovation has become a very loosely-used term when it comes to modern brands. Successful brands are setting themselves apart by coming up with truly creative and unique ideas and putting them into action. Examples of innovative brands are Tesla and Apple. These brands are centered around innovation and always provide us with new and exciting products.

If more companies took Landsberg’s advice more seriously, we would be living in a much more progressive and exciting world. If employees took Landsberg’s attitude, the workplace market would be much more competitive and excel in ways it hasn’t yet.


Elahi, A. (2014, October 14). Chicago Ideas Week: Don’t just think it, make it. Retrieved October 15, 2014, from

Photo Credit: Amina Elahi / Blue Sky Innovation

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