Harlequin Mannequins fly BLAH Airlines: Brilliant or Mundane?

Virgin airlines recently launched a five-hour long video as an ad campaign. I know that you’re shaking your head thinking, “that’s nonsense.” But this ad is arguably the most creative advertisement Virgin has had to date. If you wouldn’t watch boring mannequins fly on a plane for five hours, why would you fly with a boring, or BLAH airline?

With YouTube and Television overcrowded with varying ads, it is really hard to make a difference and stand out. 30 seconds is hardly enough time to be memorable and to change consumers’ opinions of the brand. Yet advertisers have taken this 30 second time slot and taken it to a whole new level on this flight.

View the clip here: 

Flight 101 from Newark to San Francisco is a terrible, tumultuous journey for these mannequins. While the ad creators did not anticipate viewers to watch the full content of the video, the message was received well by consumers. Since its posting, the ad has garnered over 11,000 views and 160 likes and was posted only today, October 15. The video seeks to identify with consumers who have experienced a bad flight and convince them that Virgin is anything but. After watching a solid 40 minutes of video footage, I find myself yearning to fly with Virgin and not with any other brand that blends in with the rest of the ‘blah’ brands.

I believe that this ad was so successful due to its unique concept. It is not only absurd but also share-worthy, as no ad company has created an ad campaign that truly lasted for more than five hours. What do you think? Do you think this ad was effective or a bust? Would you choose virgin for your next flight? Or would you rather resort to joining in with the Mannequins?

3 thoughts on “Harlequin Mannequins fly BLAH Airlines: Brilliant or Mundane?

  1. I think Virgin is one of the most innovative companies and CEO, Richard Branson, is constantly pushing his brand to stand out against the crowd. When you think airline, you don’t think exciting or fun, but their creative approach has set them apart as one of the top brands of all time in advertising. This ad is a testament to the brand.


  2. I have to say that the mannequins are freakish. Honestly, I tuned out and didn’t get the idea that Virgin was trying to send across and was not interested to find out either. I think it is unique because of the length of the ad, I would click on it but won’t be engaged. I don’t think this ad is effective on people with short attention span.


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