Google’s Global Approach to Advertising

About a year ago, Google India released “Google Search: Reunion,” an ad that left most of watched it in tears. This three-minute video shows the timeline of a reunion between two childhood friends who were separated during the partition of 1947 between India and Pakistan. With the use of many Google applications, the two friends were able to reunite after more than 60 years of being separated.

In India and Pakistan, the partition of 1947 is a controversial topic and Google’s ad has addressed it in a sensitive yet realistic manner. This ad offers a neutral stance between India and Pakistan and shows the effects that the partition has left in modern day India to offer a fresh perspective on the matter. “Many families in Pakistan don’t have family in India including mine, but at the same time there are many who have loved ones across the border. This is probably the most beautiful video I’ve seen on the subject… got a little teary, not going to lie” says blogger Mehreen Kasana.

Various other ads have used emotional content to draw in the audience as a way to make the ad memorable. Many other organizations have followed the same path as Google to create advertisements with deeper, emotional content rather than creating something that is just funny or entertaining. For example, Budweiser has recently created an ad for National Be(er) Responsible Day to raise awareness for drunk driving.

Most people around the world recognize Google. Google has become such a large part of our lives that it doesn’t need advertising or marketing for it to be know. We use Google Maps to get around the city and Google Calendar to organize our schedules and events. It is such a utilized tool that Google hasn’t really created any ads directed towards the U.S.

What is an ad that you have recently seen that meant something to you?

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