Glass World

Do you ever ask yourself, what is next in today’s technology? Or, how did they come up with that? Or even, is there any possible way that they can top that? Well, just like most things in today’s society, technology is forever evolving, and a “World of Glass” is upon us.


Corning Incorporated is one of the world’s leading innovators in materials science. Corning has been “ahead of the curve” for more than 160 years and counting. Although Corning covers many different avenues, they specialize and are best known for their expertise in specialty glass, ceramics, and optical physics to develop products that have bettered, and more importantly, transformed people’s lives.

corning-gorilla-glassGorilla glass has been Corning’s latest call to fame. Gorilla glass is the an alkali-aluminosilicate sheet strengthened glass manufactured by Corning. The glass is thin, light, and damage-resistant. The use of Gorilla glass is primarily used for covering or providing glass for portable electronic devices including, but not limited to, mobile phones, portable media players, laptop computer screens and recently, some televisions.

But, Corning has yest again raised their own bar to new heights. They have created several videos titled “A Day Made Of Glass.” The videos show unparalleled interaction between humans and a world of glass. Now, this is not to say that the actual earth or world is glass, no, this is us, the people, living among several different inventions and creations made of glass. Some of the creations you may have seen before, but countless of these glass functions and interactions are mind blowing!!!

Corning states that this video and technology is “Interactive glass surfaces, seamless delivery of real-time information, and technologies that enrich your life – that’s Corning’s vision for the future. And it is a world enabled by glass.” ( Dr. Jeffrey Evenson, senior vise president and operations chief of staff states, “Glass is essential to making this vision a reality. Corning’s ability to produce precision glass that is exceptionally slim, flexible, stable, and damage-resistant is enabling a world of life-like images, robust connections, and authentic interfaces.” (


Corning is revolutionizing what was previously thought of usage and inter-connectivity of glass, and taking glass to the next level. Now the questions can be changed to, what is next in today’s technology for Corning? Or, how did Corning come up with that? Or even, is there any possible way that Corning can top that? Well, only time will tell.





3 thoughts on “Glass World

  1. I personally LOVE all of Corning’s advertisements. I think we are quite a ways off from utilizing the technology they show us in our homes, but what ideas they have are just brilliant. Being an immersive technology, though- they will continue to receive a lot of criticism for making people nothing more than screen-watchers. But I think their product ideas are beautiful.


  2. This is cool but I’m not sure enough people are going to care about it to merit a store. That being said the technology is incredible and I would definitely go to their store.


  3. I had a droid razr phone with corning glass. When I dropped my phone the screen behind the glass broke but the glass itself did not. What’s the point of durable glass if it doesn’t effectively protect the device?


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