First Ad Ever for Sex

The artist behind this one-minute long promotional video is a 26-year-old, Slovak artist Matus the First. He uses the old pencil sharpener metaphor to promote the joy of sexual intercourse.

Matus the First claims this to be the world’s first ever commercial purely of sex. It does not involve the vulgar scenes that we see on television and film on a consistent basis, and is not meant to promote a product, pill or anything else.

It is interesting that we have known for so long that sex sells everything, but in this case it is a pencil sharpener that is selling sex.

The spot is too unsafe for the work environment and to be shown on television. It is only for the Internet audience.

“When sex becomes a routine it is necessary to change something. Therefore this is not a product commercial, because you can’t buy a solution to some things…. I felt though that in some cases it might be important for people to change something in their minds, and this commercial is not only about sex but also about thinking,” said Marcus the First.

It sure made me think when I watched it. I found it amusing that the pencil and sharpeners are shown in several different positions.

What do you guys think about this ad? Is it beautiful or poking fun, or even selling office supplies? (Chuckle)



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One thought on “First Ad Ever for Sex

  1. I agree that sex sells. However this is a little too much. I’m not sure that all consumers will have the right reaction that was desired. I guess it depends on the target audience they are trying to seek out.


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