Doing It Right

Lately, there have been a lot of advertisements promoting ‘female empowerment’ and ‘feminism’. The products being advertised are usually accompanied by women showing what it truly means to be special, and empowering audiences to be who they are. The real question is, are these advertisements actually working? Many people like seeing companies create these empowering campaigns, but are they actually creating results?

According to lifestyle site SheKnows, they are. “52% of respondents said that they had bought a product specifically because they liked the way the company portrayed women in the ads, and 56% of those respondents were in the key millennial demographic”. It is becoming clearer that young people are the ones seeing the advertisements, and changing the way they buy products because of them. The site also asked which companies specifically are doing it right, and respondents said ‘Nike, Hanes, Olay, Dove, Always, Pantene, Playtex, Covergirl, Underarmour, and Sears”. These companies are marketing correctly because they are breaking down barriers, encouraging consumers to enter to pro-female world, and are publically taking a pro-female stand.

With the feminist movement seriously on the rise right now, more women want to buy products from companies that know that diversity is what makes the world go round, and want to see messages that are important for young audiences. “81% said pro-female ads are important for younger generations to see” and “91% believe how women are portrayed in advertising has a direct impact on girls’ self-esteem”. These messages are really important, and companies will definitely succeed if they keep embracing the pro-female perspective.

What this means for marketers is that they have to keep utilizing feminism to their advantage. Sure, there are people who have different opinions on the movement, but the reality is that the movement is only getting stronger. From the list of companies I mentioned above, it is also clear that these companies aren’t just makeup brands..athletic companies and department stores are embracing it too. Those companies are just as important, maybe even more, because they attract male audiences. If males see their favorite companies adopting these campaigns then they may feel a stronger tie to the feminist movement, and if women see that these traditional male-tailored companies are appealing to them then they will feel more inclined to buy their products.

“Femvertising: advertising that employs pro-female talent, messages and imagery to empower women and girls”. These companies have made it a point to advertise that women and men deserve equal rights, and if other brands were smart then they would do the same.


Stampler, L. (n.d.). Surveyed Women Say These 10 Brands Are Nailing Pro-Female Ads. Time.    Retrieved October 15, 2014, from          to-all-those-female-empowerment-    ads/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=fee(TIME%3A+Top+Stores)

4 thoughts on “Doing It Right

  1. I think it’s smart that companies have started to implement feminism into their advertising, even if it is done for their advantage in acquiring female followers. It’s still a good way to promote different attitudes about women that differ to from the past ones that don’t give them any empowerment. I think it’s a step in the right direction for athletic companies to embrace this as well, as you shared, because I feel that men should be targeted as they are ones that need to work hand-in-hand with women for social change and acceptance of women.


  2. This is very interesting. I think it was a long time coming and should have come sooner. I am a man, and I am a huge feminist. I am all for women, equal rights, for all. The world still has a very long way to go, but at least this is going in the right direction. I think it will still take a mini revolution to truly treat women fairly in all facets of business. Audiences within feminism, I believe, need to target men and male advocates of feminism to really push change and create equality.


  3. I really do like the increase of feminist thought in advertisements. I especially love what Under Armor has done with Misty Copeland and other strong females. However, my major concern is that with feminism becoming the norm and accepted new trend it will get watered down. Now that it is something “cool” to be I fear that it’s substance will suffer and it will just become women looking powerful, which is only a part of the movement.


  4. I think these ads are definitely effective. We are at a time when everyone is sick of the media’s idea of perfection. We are on to what’s real, and real is beautiful. I think companies who jump on this modern concept are doing it right.


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