Climbing Up The Walls


A North Face store in Korea comes fully equipped with floors that disappear and leave the shopper in a moment of panic. The shoppers were terrified (I’m assuming) as the floors started to disappear and they were forced to climb up the walls. Here’s where it gets good…a North Face employee then comes down from heaven (or some stunt room but for the shopper they are probably so wigged it seems like heaven) and rescues the shopper. Well sort of… Right when the North Face helper appears a 30 second timer starts and the shopper is given a choice.

Watch the video to see what their fate will be.

I think this is an AWESOME idea for marketing and having the customer really be engaged with the brand to create an experience that you can only find at North Face. I have never seen this type of marketing done before. The only thing I can think of was a horror movie that lets the audience interact by shouting stuff out in the movie theater but that’s another story.

What do you think of the scare tactic that North Face employed? I think that there will definitely be backlash if this was actually used in stores because certain people will be more scared than amused. You also have to think of the legal aspect…could the customers have pre-existing health conditions that would be detrimental in a marketing stunt like this.

In theory it’s a good idea to really have hands on marketing and let shoppers feel a part of something. I would be more likely to buy from North Face if I was in the store and this happened.


Maskeroni, A. (2014, October 14) This North Face Store’s Floor Disappears, Forcing Startled Customers To Climb The Walls. Retrieved from:

3 thoughts on “Climbing Up The Walls

  1. I think this is a great marketing tactic. I actually remember something similar being used to promote a horror movie. Where instead of a store this happened in an elevator (which is significantly more terrifying). But for the clientele of a North Face store this is very fitting. They tend to be adventurous and outdoorsy, so an opportunity to climb walls seems to be quite apropos.


  2. What a brilliant marketing technic! I love how North Face comes in as a rescuer for the customer! Psychologically it is brilliant. I already love North Face products but this makes them stand out as an even more creative store!


  3. I noticed that they only pull out this kind of gimmicks in Asians countries. Not sure why but I saw a comment saying that if this happened in the states, North Face might get sued. From this we can see that different tactics are applied to different cultures. Therefore, a company has to know the culture of a country well enough in order to sell its product well and make an impact.


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