Advertising Education

A college education is necessary for most of us to be successful, or so we’ve been told. A degree is part of the American Dream. What universities don’t advertise or even talk about is student debt. The national number is in the trillions and many of us cannot afford to make our student loan payments.

When you were looking at what college you wanted to go to, you probably looked for places with big names. Either big names locally, Xavier University, University of Dayton, or big names nationally like Boston College or American University. All of us had our priorities, what we considered the most important when looking for a school. For me, location and study abroad were my top two selling points on any school. I wanted a school in a large urban city with study abroad locations all over the world. I used the College Board website to narrow down my search results and I found Loyola. Looking at the Loyola website, I was sold right away. LUC marketed itself well, a university IN Chicago, with views of the lake, and a beautiful safe campus. The information session in Sullivan was fun, the tour guide was engaging, the programs available were interesting.

The issue with advertising universities is that often the ads for schools are misleading. For example, the pictures on the Loyola websites often try to capitalize on diversity that we don’t really have. Loyola is in Chicago, but it’s not really IN Chicago. Even our downtown campus by the water tower is in a touristy area.


What do you think? Is Loyola’s advertising misleading?

2 thoughts on “Advertising Education

  1. I absolutely love LUC and wouldn’t change my decision to come here, however, yes the advertising is a bit misleading. Some things that they claim to be easy such as traveling abroad anywhere you desire are not that easy once you factor in scholarships and classes. I know some majors that have zero wiggle room to even consider studying abroad. I also was never really shown or told much about the WTC, and that is where I go to class everyday! So of course I have a few suggestions for LUC advertising, but all in all, I think they did a decent job.


  2. My views on debt changed significantly from when I was a freshman until now when I’m a senior. When you’re 18, you can really care less about having loans. You are not aware of the interest rates, how you can NEVER declare bankruptcy on them and they will haunt you until the day you die. Once I worked full time, I truly understood how hard it was to make $50. When I decided to go back to school, student loans was #1 on my list. Having gone to a community college my first two years helped me reduce my total amount of debt. Loyola provided me some excellent scholarships which ultimately made me decide to go there.

    I viewed colleges as a business even though they are “non for profit”/ “educational”. ALL COLLEGES ARE BUSINESSES. Knowing that allowed me to view their websites/ads from a business standpoint, which significantly alters your viewpoint when you are looking into finishing up your education.


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