Field Trip to Applebee’s?

Can MTV and Adam Levine Get Millennials to Hang Out at Applebee’s?” My opinion? Absolutely not. For Christmas the past few years, my family has given my grandma gift cards to Applebee’s (NOT because we wanted to give her them… she really wanted them. I guess she really loves Applebee’s). So in my mind, Applebee’s is for older couples looking for some senior discounts on some mediocre-at-best food. I don’t judge them though, when I reach the senior-level of society I am TOTALLY going to be hitting up every single senior-discount availability thrown my way. But the fact that Applebee’s is trying to become the place to be for “of-the-drinking-age millennials” really blew my mind at first… until I read the article a bit more.


Turns out, the restaurant’s Instagram account gained 4,500 new followers and “social engagement was up 25 percent” as of September since the launching of the program. I found that information relatively shocking. But this is a very obvious case of the company trying to rebrand their image to the younger generation.   The company is achieving this by linking up with MTV and certain bands (right now, Maroon 5) and essentially setting up a type of contest that allows winners to win a trip to see Maroon 5 in concert in Nashville. The contest, called the Ultimate Fan Experience, has other artists such as Miley Cyrus and One Direction. Miley’s contest promo has around 61,000 entries, while 1D’s has around 62,000 entries.

All in all, I think this is a really great marketing and advertising move on Applebee’s part. Do I see myself going to Applebee’s over the weekends when I turn 21 in four months and 28 days (who’s keeping count though…)?   No, I’m not. I don’t listen to Maroon 5, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, or Demi Lovatio (another artist signed on for the deal). I go to other concerts of different types of music and I really don’t mind buying tickets to those events. But do I think that there are other people who are turning 21 in four months and 28 days that do listen to Maroon 5 and 1D, and that maybe couldn’t afford tickets to see these bands? Yes, of course. And for that reason, this is a great idea.

Do any of you really love and enjoy Applebee’s? Would you enter this contest?

What other companies have done other types of contests or sponsorships like this?

6 thoughts on “Field Trip to Applebee’s?

  1. Maroon 5 is the biggest sell out haaaaa and I used to be a fan circa Songs About Jane but now I just laugh at Adam Levine because he’s simply trying way too hard. People already love you/think you’re the “sexiest man alive” so why sink so low? As for Applebees, I think it’s a great marketing tactic and it was smart of them to target younger fans with rich parents because I doubt anyone at Loyola would really buy into this. Imagining an Applebees with a hundred screaming teeny boppers running around everywhere sounds like the worst night ever. My condolences to those poor employees.


  2. This is hilarious. I am extremely proud of Applebee’s. This is very unlike them, but in the competitive restaurant industry, “you gotta do what you gotta do.” It is hard to say how this will go, however, involving big time artists and bands can be a successful outcome. Their social engagement increasing 25% speaks for itself.


  3. I like Applebee’s. Seriously. The food isn’t superb, but it’s tasty. Applebee’s has some good happy hours, I took advantage of them and Chili’s from time to time when I was younger. As for this contest? It doesn’t resonate with me since I’m not into this music, but I can see how it would be extremely successful for the younger crowd.


  4. I love Applebees! The food isn’t great, but it is good enough! Especially the Long Isalnds 😉 I just dont think that Maroon 5 connects with our age group anymore.

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