Can They Follow Me?

We all want followers on whatever social media outlet we have, no matter who they are, we want to feel like people are interested in us.

Probably one of these most stressful things we do now a days, is posting pictures/ statuses /tweets. Why? Because if we don’t get Internet validation, we’re not as cool/ funny/ or as pretty as we thought. So we wait for the likes to come in, and if they don’t do we delete it or repost it later? 

Well, it’s not too much of a worry for Chanel, considering they just joined Instagram and after only a few posts, they gained 1.8 MILLION fans!! Talk about followers out of nowhere… “Chanel’s social marketing team then followed up with eight photographs from the soirée that collectively drew 158,000 likes.” 

With just two simple hashtags, Chanel posted this 15 second video ( and it has close to 40K LIKES! While we sit here adding 15 hashtags just to get 20 likes, it’s crazy to see the great impact companies make on social media with just a few posts.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.11.43 PM

Check out the other companies that aren’t far behind in how many followers they have (

Check out the rest of the article here:
Share how you gain followers, likes, comments? Any secrets you want to share?!

5 thoughts on “Can They Follow Me?

  1. It reminds me of a study I read recently. For ordinary people like us, social media could help to boost our self-esteem to some extent. However for big names and large companies, they can do so much more with social media.


  2. I’m not surprised Chanel captured this much attention. It is a well-known, pricey brand that any girl would kill to be involved with. Chanel’s first post had Adrianna Bundchen in the pic. You can see that it is the people that make a huge impact. Something to think about – why is Chanel just creating an Instagram account now? The social media platform has been around for quite some time.

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    • You hit the nail on the head. It’s a well known brand worldwide so they show up on something like Instagram, where their pictures will be free promotion, and lots of people will like it.

      For all of us ordinary people, we have to fight for every bit of relevancy until you get known or create something which is controversial or resonates with mass society. I can’t say that I’m too surprised by this.


  3. It’s interesting because a lot of companies are using social media to grow their customer base but we are seeing that social media is most effective for established brands. Down the road, we will have to see how effective social media actually is for brands that are not already established, like Chanel.


  4. I think that the fact that she can get that many followers in such a short span of time is truly symbolic of how much of a presence social media has on our society today. I would argue that the reason she was able to get so many followers was because she was already pre-established prior to the social media age.


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