Say Hello to Ello

Have you heard of Ello? If not, you are behind on the times. Ello is a new social network which carries great and impactful significance within the nuanced social network sphere. Shaking up the field, Ello is a source of light, brightening the melancholic dullness we now feel as we navigate our newsfeeds. Check it out, here.

Ello's logo.

Ello’s logo.

Ello differs from its social peers through its advertising policies. More specifically, no advertisements exist on the social platform, its most distinguishable quality. Ello’s profit will instead stem from premium benefits Ello users can buy.  Ello is invite only. Though since Ello is still in its early beta form stage, an invitation is not guaranteed to everyone who requests one. Currently, Ello receives 45,000 invitation requests per hour.

Ello's user interface.

Ello’s user interface.

Through this specific social network structure, Ello can be a destination for poets and madmen, which advertisers will theoretically be unable to profile and market towards. Ello gives its users freedom to express themselves without fear of being monitored. And though this feature defines the user experience within Ello, the network offers other great experiences as well. Users can mute and block other users, see each post’s reach and scope, along with a myriad of others.

With Ello, anonymity is crucial.

With Ello, anonymity is crucial.

So will Ello be a thing? Who knows, only time will tell. If history paints an accurate picture, then the qualities that make Ello distinctive might just be enough to create a new social trend. Facebook usurped Myspace due to its uniqueness, Instagram has become the best social network for unrefined visual expression, and there always seems to be a shiny new frontier introduced to consumers every few years. Arguably, Facebook has become the most intertwined social media network ever. Facebook’s users are vast and all encompassing. People use it simply because everyone else does too. Internet privacy is a finicky subject, though. And Facebook’s data practices against its users have become a source of public knowledge, immense anger and heated debate.

Social network users have become disenchanted with many social practices. Users are tired of being a means rather than the destination.

Social network users have become disenchanted with many social practices. Users are tired of being a means rather than the destination.

People yearn for a social medium where their identities remain private, and their thoughts, feelings and opinions are true and unrestricted. And only when users feel free to be themselves, will meaningful content that hypnotizes its viewers really begin to manifest. This is of course the ultimate goal of Ello. The interface is simple, clean and therefore beautiful. The thoughtfully-designed interface, though simple, gives its users a rich, profound experience letting the content speak for itself. Pure inundated expression. Say hello to Ello, and the future of social networks.

4 thoughts on “Say Hello to Ello

  1. I think Ello is a cute idea, but I don’t really think that THAT many people want to start fresh on a brand new social media site. I might be one of the few, but I frankly don’t care that all my “personal information” is out on Facebook, because I don’t think it’s all that personal. I’m not friends with people I don’t know in real life, and I don’t share revealing details or private information about myself. Does Facebook know if I google something maybe a little bit more private, and then proceed to share ads relating to that google search later that day? yeah, they do. An example of that was one time last spring, my friend genuinely thought she was pregnant, so I googled about pregnancy symptoms, test results, etc., and then my facebook was showing me ads for First Response pregnancy tests and the like… Did it really bother me? No. And if someone were to open my facebook and judge me for having pregnancy test ads on the side of my screen, that’s their problem for being judgmental.

    I think Ello will be a fade, but I think Facebook is here to stay (for awhile).


  2. I remember first hearing of Ello and I’m definitely intrigued now that I’ve read more about it from your post. Aside from the fact that the site is still in its beginnings, I wonder if they have other marketing agendas in regards to the invitations. If so, what are they? Cool social media site though and something I’ll look into more.


  3. Ello looks like something people actually have to mentally engage with, and be mentally present on. No more scrolling through Facebook feeds mindlessly just to waste time-unique and interesting content is the way to stay on Ello. However, I am curious to see if they can sustain their model, given that most Internet sites that provide a service rely on advertising revenue to stay open.


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