New Starbucks Campaign

A few weeks ago Starbucks launched its first brand campaign “Meet me at Starbucks.” The global campaign is running in cities like New York, Beijing, Paris, Berlin, and Rio de Janeiro – just to name a few. The documentary-like videos are shown in 59 different stores in 28 different countries. 72andSunny is the agency that put all of its hard work behind Starbucks’s newest campaign. The agency really exemplified the phrase “go big or go home” with the 220 hours of footage they gathered, which was all filmed within the same 24-hour period. The video below is the minute long, condensed advertisement that launched on the campaign’s first day in the U.S.

Starbucks infiltrated social media websites to create buzz and generate consumer interaction. The documentary took over YouTube with banner ads and promotions as it seized its homepage on October 1. The campaign is a continuous one and global markets provide the opportunity for the ad to air on TV. Other participating social media websites include Instagram and the hastag #HowWeMet, Twitter, and Tumblr. But Starbucks isn’t just stopping there…display ads and media buys on news websites contribute to the coffee company’s impressive campaign launch.

What sticks out to me the most isn’t the fact that it’s Starbucks’s first brand campaign, but what the company chooses to focus on within it and the interconnectivity it promotes.

After a little bit of marketing research, “Meet me at Starbucks” centers around the idea of what takes place when people get together and share a cup of coffee. The campaign doesn’t focus on the company’s product, social responsibility, or anything that it’s known for. Rather, the “stories that were taking place inside our stores,” says Starbucks spokeswoman Linda Mills. The documentary states, “Every day around the world, millions of people gather at Starbucks, but it’s never been just about the coffee.”

It’s interesting to see companies beginning to promote other aspects of the consumer experience other than just the product itself. The first campaign that came to mind is Coca Cola’s “Open Happiness” campaign where the movement was all about sharing the joy with others and living in the moment.


Not only does Starbucks follow suit, but the company also uses social media to its advantage in order to create buzz and engage participants in a two-way conversation online. During a six minute campaign video, embedded annotations appear that leader viewers to in-depth documentaries highlighting certain individuals.


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4 thoughts on “New Starbucks Campaign

  1. I like the ad, it’s cute, upbeat, and definitely a turn from the classic Starbucks ad style. I wonder if their ROI will be positively affected by this turn from their focus on social responsibility.


  2. I do like this ad, and it does seem different from other Starbucks advertisements. But I also feel its common knowledge these days that people meet and things happen at Starbucks.


  3. I think Starbucks has a really great strategy behind its first global branding campaign. I love that Starbucks promotes the experience behind the product. In doing so, Starbucks hits consumers on a deeper level.


  4. I did a marketing project on Coca Cola and what really drove their campaign was storytelling. The consumers liked having a deeper connection to the product and sharing their experiences with the ones they love. The “Meet Me at Starbucks” campaign is using the same approach and will no doubt be a successful one.


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