Gen “Why”: Research Firm Finds 12 Types of Millennials

I recently came across an article in Adweek called Are These the 12 Types of Millennials, and couldn’t stop myself from clicking to find out which “type” fit me. As I skimmed the article, I rolled my eyes and thought that most Buzzfeed quizzes were more insight about my personality and my status as an individual in Generation Y than these 12 segments.

For that reason, I wanted to share the article with my fellow Loyola students and get their opinions on whether or not these 12 millennial types are truly good representations of the personalities within the 18-34 age range.


The basic gist of the article was that Enterprise, an advertising intelligence firm, had created 12 segmentations that would be helpful to marketers trying to reach a specific Gen Y target audience. While I’m interested in marketing communication, I feel like this would be a great idea and invaluable resource to marketers. I found it particularly interesting that Enterprise created these 12 segments by each group’s reaction to three major culture forces: the economy, globalization, and social media. (I wonder why Enterprise did not consider social media as an aspect that would fall under the globalization category?)
I encourage you to read the Adweek article, which gives the name, defining characteristics, what Exponential had to say about them, and each segment’s representation on television. I’ll give my own quick rundown here:
Boss Babes – Professional women, hyper-focused on their career rather than starting a family, often buy domestic appliances that see little use in reality.
Brogammers – Dudes that party hard, are into tech, and often suffer from insomnia or back pain.
The Under-Employed – Recent graduates trying to live in Wicker Park when they can actually only afford Rogers. They failed to get a job out of college and are stuck with low-paying wages.
Shut Out – Typically men with impractical degrees or no college, from rural areas, losing hope for the future (Gee thanks for cheering me up, marketing people).
Nostalgics – That one dude you know that still writes with a quill and ink bottle because “it looks better”. Also, 90s kids.

Travel Enthusiasts – Young people interested in global sports and entertainment, have insatiable wanderlust, travel to obscure countries, typically own smart phones and proficient in multiple languages.
Culinary Explorers – Young foodies that like to experience new cultures through great dining experiences.
The Exuberants – Your friend that lives more through their social media account more than IRL. Frequent selfies.
The Collectors – People that go on social media and online forums often, but do not post or create content. Typically introverted.
The Quarter-Life Crisis – These Gen Y-ers are like a deer stuck in the headlights when they think about all the life paths that they can take. They have a hard time making purchase choices, religious affiliations, and career paths.
Millennial Marthas – Crafty and stylish girls, basically Pinterest in human form.
Millennial Moms – Healthy, social media savvy women that recently had young child. They are also the reason your Facebook newsfeed is always covered with pictures of weddings and babies.
Maybe it’s part of that Gen Y rebellion in me that makes me scoff at this list and mentally smirk at these older marketers trying to understand today’s youth. Perhaps it’s the way Adweek compared each group to a television (read: fake) character or the campy names given to each segment (Boss Babe? What?) that turn me off. There is just something cartoonish and overgeneralized about these segmentations that makes me believe marketers will duped into creating brand strategies and creatives that fail to woo Gen Y-ers.
What do you think? Are you a total brogrammer or a mix of things 5 different “types” like me? Do you buy into these 12 segments of millennials? Share your thoughts!

Griner, D. (2014, October 10). Are These the 12 Types of Millennials? Retrieved October 12, 2014, from

3 thoughts on “Gen “Why”: Research Firm Finds 12 Types of Millennials

  1. This is a really interesting post. I find it very interesting that a generation millions strong can be classified into just 12 different personas. One of our generation’s most defining qualities is our individuality, and ironically the premise of this study is in paradox with common beliefs about Millennials. I do associate myself with a few of these characters though.

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    • I think it’s so ridiculous that a company is trying to label, as Patrick said, millions of people into 12 different personality types. The only one I honestly felt like I could relate to was “The Collectors,” which said I go on social media but rarely ever post myself… but that is just one aspect of my life and does not define who I am in a big-picture type of way. We are a generation of individuals, that pride themselves on their opinions and voices that we aren’t hesitate to share. To categorize us and label us is not a good move, Enterprise.


  2. I think this post is hilarious. The fact that marketers are trying to generalize and stereotype millennials is interesting. Why don’t they just stick to original methods of segmenting their target market? Aka by doing it on their own and executing research. But I agree with those above me and believe that a majority of millennials will feel that they belong to several of the groups.


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