Why Did He Do That?


Is He Crazy? No.

Apple yet again overwhelmed the world with its iPhone 6 and as per usual the camping craze took over the turf of all the Apple stores around the world. And this guy Mooney, he flew all the way to Australia and sat patiently through out the 22 hours long flight just to get the first iPhone 6 before the rest of the world did (because of the time difference, Australia launched the iPhone 6 earlier than other parts of the world). Was it because of his desire to be known as the first person to get the iPhone6 and be instantly famous on the Internet? Or was it because he was just too rich and free?

Mooney did not camp to get his hands on the phone, he sort of bribed his way to get the first iPhone6; he decided to pay the couple at front of the line at the Apple store with a big amount of money and have them to get the first phone for him. When he accomplished his mission, he dropped his phone in a glass or beer. When I saw that I was speechless and thought that I wasted my time watching another pointless viral video. Don’t roll your eyes just yet, he had something up his sleeves. Mooney is the spokesperson of Reviveaphone. Reviveaphone is a repair kit for phones damaged by water.

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Do you think this is a clever advertisement? In my opinion, I think it is smart to capture the audience’s attention. Mooney did it by pulling out some unconventional gimmick and flew across the ocean just to get the first iPhone only to drop it in the beer. The highlight of the video was when he successfully revived the phone with the Reviveaphone kit. When the audience is engaged and watches the video until the very end, which is the Tension Reduction part, that’s when Reviveaphone comes in and be the “hero” to save the dead phone. And then, there will be an “Oh!” moment when the message of the ad is sent across and understood. For me, it was quite unexpected that the video, which I thought was another pointless viral video, turned out to be an ad and Reviveaphone certainly caught up with the iPhone6 craze, trend or frenzy to come out with this idea for the ad at the right time. However, if the video was too long the audience might tune out and not watch until the very end and the ad would be pointless.

I like the execution of idea for the advertisement and I think Reviveaphone is an innovative product that does magic to water damaged phones albeit not many people know about it. This is why good ads are crucial for startup companies and for new products to gain their entries into the market.


Toole, C. (2014, September 25). Guy Flies From Canada To Australia To Buy iPhone 6 And Then Drops It In A Pitcher Of Beer. Retrieved October 10, 2014.

2 thoughts on “Why Did He Do That?

  1. I love this idea! Definitely took a lot of time, money, and other resources….but if the company can afford it, than I think it’s a brilliant idea because I remember the brand now.


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