Snaps for Snapchat

One of the largest issues people tend to have with in app advertisements is that they cannot be avoided. On YouTube a predetermined five seconds of time must be dedicated to an advertisement video before the intended video content can be reached. With Facebook there is typically a myriad of distracting ads that hug the borders of the users smartphone screen. Consumers do not like to be forced to watch advertisements. Whenever it is made known that an app is going to start showing paid advertisements there is typically a great deal of user backlash. This may or may not be the case for Snapchat.

Snapchat is photo message social media application that allows the user to send photos or videos known as “snaps” to other users. These snaps can have a lifespan of up to ten seconds before the snap “self destructs”. Another feature is for the user to create a compilation of photos or videos known as “my story”. The my story feature are where the paid advertisements will be displayed. This is good news! For those who are not familiar with the my story feature, they can only be activated or shown if the user wants to see them. They are in complete control of the content and can “cherry pick” what advertisements they would like to see.

Some might say this will mean no one using Snapchat will ever willing click on a My Story for an advertisement. I disagree. If the product or company is relevant to the consumers interests or lifestyle than why wouldn’t they check it out? What Snapchat is doing is giving it’s users room to breathe. Something that is uncommonly rare in the in app advertising game. If you’d like to buff up a bit more on the subject than check out the link below!

6 thoughts on “Snaps for Snapchat

  1. I seriously doubt people will continue using the My Story feature of Snapchat if they introduce advertisements. That would be akin to making Facebook users watch an advertisement in order to see their friends’ profiles. People would likely decrease their use of Facebook. My theory is that in this era of heavy advertising, users enjoy applications that “give them a break” such as instagram or snapchat. These simple services are reminiscent of the old days of Facebook when things were less hectic.


  2. The way the Ads will work is exactly the same as that of user’s My Story. You don’t have to click on them if you don’t want to. We all have that one friend whose My story we love to ignore. So I doubt the amount of users who use the My Story feature will decline. It’s just an optional advertisement that will be there should the user choose to watch it.


  3. I use snapchat often but have not noticed this advertisement feature. I have only experienced receiving “snaps” from random companies with advertisements in them but have never seen any in the “My Story” feeds. I like how Snap Chat has enabled live feeds to certain events like New York fashion week though, it makes a good effort connecting users to different communities. If this new advertisement thing is real in the “My Story” section then I don’t think that it will really affect users, and I agree that it can be somewhat beneficial to companies but some users may get irritated by it.


  4. I think that Snapchat will decrease in popularity the moment that they introduce adds. It will become crowded, like many other social networks, and will drive users to use the next best social network – there’s tons of competition. I don’t want to watch stories and see advertisements.


  5. I think that the article did touch on a topic that many people are worried about. When will we have our peace from Advertisements companies? To be perfectly honest, I don’t believe that because of the utilization of ads will bring less popularity to the app. We see examples of this everywhere that the use of ads on social media is bothersome but does not affect the use of it for example youtube still gains millions of viewers every day.


  6. Personally, I have yet to experience these ads. But I have encountered advertising on my other social networks, like Facebook and Instagram. Since Snapchat offers you the option to not have to watch the ad, I think that people will not be as frustrated as they are on other social networks. I completely agree that if a consumer finds the advertisement interesting or relevant they are more likely to watch them. By putting an option for the consumer back into advertising, there is a greater chance that consumers could actually enjoy ads.


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