“Quickies” in St. Louis

When I was sitting on the train the other day I was looking at all of the advertisements and one in particular caught my attention. The picture below is what I saw.


This caught my attention because of its key words. “Quickie” “Hook Up” “Quick In and Out” As I looked closer my mind started to wander onto all of the possibilities of what this advertising could be promoting. I thought it was a little adventurous for a company to put out advertisement directly promoting “hooking up” with someone random. I then went to the website to see that the advertisement was St. Louis way of trying to get people to come and visit different attraction areas. This ad campaign posted in Chicago transit locations is their way of trying to lure Chicago tourists to go and visit St. Louis. Once you are on the site you may make certain connections to Tinder. That is exactly how it is set up. The site allows you to swipe right through the different attractions in St. Louis and choose which locations you want to visit and left for the ones you do not want to visit. Then once you have swiped that you want to visit a location the site send you out “flirty” messages like “I can’t wait to meet you” to you. I personally think the initial advertisement strategy of using suggestive and flirtatious words definitely is a good marketing strategy as it grabs peoples attention. I personally gave it a double look and then looked into it with questions as to what exactly the “weekend quickie” website entailed. Secondly I thought it was interesting that the website used similar functions like other popular dating sites. I think this is also useful because people may get a kick out of it and it is a simpler way for people to see the large attractions that are found in St. Louis. If I had to put the two up against each other I would say that the initial advertisement that I saw on the train would definitely catch peoples attention and interests. I think it is interesting to see how companies change key words according to the topic at hand and who their target audience is. With that being said I do believe that the set up of the website is also interesting because it definitely catches the general interest of the people who go on to the website. Do you think that this form of advertisement was good? How could they improve? If you saw this ad on the train would you look into it?IMG_4798


1.Nelson, Shellie. “St. Louis Tries to Lure Illinois Tourists with ‘Weekend Quickie'” WQADcom. 2 July 2014. Web. 9 Oct. 2014.

4 thoughts on ““Quickies” in St. Louis

  1. This is a brilliant way to get attention. Anybody who rides the train will look at this and wonder what it’s for. Most people would probably look into it, although it would be more effective if the city of ST Louis was shown or mentioned in the ad.


  2. Despite this type of advertisement being slightly inappropriate for children, who I think are also going to visit St. Louis (the zoo is free), I really like it. Tinder is incredibly popular right now and it really helps the city’s tourism tactics stand out from the rest. Because honestly how many city’s tourism websites do you actually visit? They are usually so generic and boring, but this is interactive and new.


  3. I think it is a really creative idea to grab attention but I don’t think it captures the right audience for the service it provides. I would love to explore St. Louis but I would not investigate that type of ad so if it was made a bit more family friendly I think it would draw more serious customers.


  4. As a way to target millennials, I think this was the perfect execution. St. Louis probably isn’t the first place most people want to vacation, but through this campaign, people will start to view St. Louis in a different light. It’s specifically targeting younger travelers by luring them through tindr-like tactics so maybe it will become a new hot spot for young adults. I guess that is the goal anyways. I don’t use tindr so it probably wouldn’t attract me personally, but I’m sure there are plenty of people who would love this interactive medium and may actually/eventually book a trip to St. Louis.


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