Ladies, It’s Time for PAYBACK!

Reader discretion is advised. Mature content in video.

The fact that a woman only earns 78 cents to every dollar a man makes inspired a recent infomercial featuring Sarah Silverman. It doesn’t matter what job a woman chooses, men make more no matter what. This wage gap is the issue Silverman takes on in a comedic style.

In an educational, yet entertaining, video, the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) is raising awareness for their current fundraiser towards equal pay. The goal is to raise $30 trillion.

I know what you’re thinking. $30 TRILLION!? The NWLC must be crazy. In reality, the number comes with reason. So they’re not crazy. Nationally, there are 69 million workingwomen. Each woman loses $435,049 on average due to the current wage gap. That’s right EACH woman – only one. $30 trillion is the total average amount of money all workingwomen in the United States lose. All proceeds will go to the workingwomen in the U.S., if the goal is met. And if it isn’t, then the money raised will go to the NWLC’s efforts in closing the wage gap. That amount of money is no joke.

The money loss and vagina ownerships is no joke for Silverman, who takes drastic measures to seek justice for herself, a working “vagina owner.” She believes that owning a penis will give her an advantage with the wage gap in today’s economy and society. Penis ownership equals money, obviously.

Advertising isn’t just about selling a product or service. It has the potential to promote social change. Advertising right now is about persuading audiences, but has a future to educate society and be a call to action. This advertisement didn’t just educate me, but I began reflecting.

I am a 20-year-old Filipina-American woman, who goes to college and works simultaneously. I’m female. I’m young. I’m ethnic. How much more underprivileged can I be? The real question is: “Why do those factors of my identity hold me back?”

In an infographic from the fundraiser campaign, there is a comparison with a white man to white, African American, and Hispanic women. I’m Asian. Why am I not on here? However, the infographic shows being a woman AND being ethnic associates with lower wages. My identity is something I am proud of, but it’s now also something I am afraid of in today’s business world. That shouldn’t be the case. Rather than accepting my lower pay, I should be acting on this injustice towards myself and other women.

For more information and giving opportunities, visit Thank you NWLC for taking on this issue and using advertising to progress our society!

Ad of the Day: Sarah Silverman Wants Equal Pay. Failing That, She Wants a Penis (NSFW). (n.d.). Retrieved October 9, 2014, from

2 thoughts on “Ladies, It’s Time for PAYBACK!

  1. This is something that is extremely important to me – I’ve been following this campaign and watching the news on wage gaps for a long time. I think this is a funny and relevant way to make people aware of the gender gap.


  2. Like Molly, this subject is also really important to me. The fact that in our day and age the wage gap is still so large is ridiculous. I think this is a perfect way for those who want to understand the issue without reading a bunch of technical articles. I also think it is a very direct way for someone who has influence in our social community to get important information out to the women of our country.


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