Instagram Now Posting Ads on Feeds


The other day while I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I noticed a picture of Flash from the new CW TV show that premiered this week. I double tapped the picture and then noticed a little blue symbol on the corner that said sponsored. That was when I realized that this was my first Instagram ad.

I’m an avid user of Instagram. It is my favorite social media network because it allows user to express themselves, capture moments and connect with others internationally through pictures and hashtags. I view Instagram as a community, so when I realized that I had just liked an ad I felt very conflicted. Was this going to be the start of ads I don’t care about being shown on my feed? Was this going to affect everyone’s usage of Instagram?

Thankfully, the company addressed questions on it’s website and blog about them beginning to slowly implement ads. Our photos will not be used or shown through advertisements and we still own our own photos. Instagram says that they decide to show ads from businesses that are specific towards you based on what you do on Instagram and Facebook (their parent company). They also allow users to provide feedback on ads to create more engaging ads over time.

Companies such as Ben & Jerry’s, Burberry, Macy’s and Michael Kors are a few partners that will be featured on the new ads and the ads have now reached Australia, the UK among a few others.

The company says that it wants ads to be “enjoyable and creative in much the same way you see engaging, high-quality ads when you flip through your favorite magazine.”

Their aim is to make this ads still artistic and fit the Instagram culture like it would any high-quality photo and video that you may find in your followings. When I took a step back, I realized I liked the photo of Flash without realizing it was an ad. I liked the picture because it featured a character I liked in an artistic shot. So as long as Instagram sticks by it’s words in creating ads that are creative and engaging I don’t mind.

– How do you feel about Instagram ads?
– How do you feel about ads being used in all of our social media networks?
– Wikipedia has been asking for donations to keep their site ad free, how do you feel about websites having to show ads in order to keep themselves up and running? Would you donate to a site to prevent ads from being shown?


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8 thoughts on “Instagram Now Posting Ads on Feeds

  1. I also love Instagram. I think it is so stupid for them to start having advertisements on them. I think so many people today are trying to run away from advertisements because they are a “waste of of time”. There have been products that I have seen in Instagram that I have actually found interest in and researched. For example I once saw a dress on one of the account I follow and I ended up buying it because I loved it so much. I do not think that companies need to put ads onto a site that already uses images to promote its products.


  2. Personally, I think that in the Instagram setting, because it is so specific in it’s nature, and takes up the users whole screen this is the most disruptive medium for advertisements. You cannot escape the ads. All you can do is scroll past, but you still have to look at them. If they aren’t relevant to you, this could be very annoying.


  3. How do you feel about Instagram ads? I don’t like them, I feel like they are kind of intrusive especially because the way that they are presented. The same thing happened to me once when I was scrolling, I almost liked a picture and then realized it was “sponsored” and I didn’t like that. It tricked me into thinking I was viewing a picture from someone I follow but that wasn’t the case.
    How do you feel about ads being used in all of our social media networks? Overall I understand it, and know that it’s just going to become more and more popular since social media has such a broad platform of communication, but I think as long as it’s in good taste its not too bad, but it can still be kind of annoying.
    Wikipedia has been asking for donations to keep their site ad free, how do you feel about websites having to show ads in order to keep themselves up and running? Would you donate to a site to prevent ads from being shown? I think websites shouldn’t have to have ads/sponsors just to stay up. The internet should be a free place to post or own domains etc under your own discretion. However, I don’t know if I would necessarily donate just to keep ads off, mostly because I don’t care enough to waste my money on something like that.


  4. I am not at all surprised that ads are being put on Instagram feeds, in fact, I am actually surprised that it tok this long. When I am on social media I just expect to see ads. It does not bother me, and I can easily ignore it. I know that if I were an advertiser I would want to use social media. Posting your ads on instagram feeds is an excellent way to at least get people to look at your ad, so I really have no problem with it.


  5. Obviously, nobody wants to see ads all over social media. But, these are free services. Instagram is immensely popular and the company wants to capitalize on it’s popularity by selling ad space. It’s definitely annoying, but thats the reality of advertisements. They are inescapable.


  6. I use Instagram a lot and I honestly do not really mind the advertisements. In my own experience with the ads, which is similar to yours, I didn’t even realize it was an ad. The product fit in nicely with the other brands I followed and I may have even liked ads in the past without knowing it. I think that the occasional, tasteful ad is a trade off that is worth not having to pay for a “premium” version of Instagram.


  7. I don’t like ads being used in all our social media networks, it usual disrupts the experience and other times it’s not so bad (Twitter, I can I’ve with it, Facebook I’ve tried to learn how to glaze over the ads).

    I don’t have an Instagram, and one thing that turns me off to Instagram is the fact that its parent company is Facebook. Facebook was the first platform to get nailed for it’s creepy tracking, collecting, and selling of our information and behavior. I also feel like having so many social profiles is exhausting and it explains why so many social platforms need ads to stay alive. We can’t get everything we want out of a social platform, so there are multiple with different functions and specialties. If there was one that was like a one stop shop, I think we would be willing to donate to keep it ad free.

    I applaud Wikipedia for campaigning for donations to keep them an ad free site. I think our generation is the most inclined to give if the philosophy of the brand is one that benefits us and is honest as well as transparent with us. But, if it’s something that is a place for curating gifs, images, video, sound, and trifles such as this, I think it is hard for people to see the value in donating to an app or network like that.

    I think you’ve opened up a discussion for what is the significance of social networks and if they will remain necessary and relevant in culture.


  8. I have noticed advertisements on my instagram as well. I think the ads can be really effective especially if the pictures look like artsy instagram photos. Also Instagram is a great way to reach the young adult market.


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